Monday, August 11, 2014

Equality For All People

So I've been watching Youtube and I recently re-watched a few music videos posted by a channel called "RyanJamesYezak". The channel is a gay rights movement type of channel and although I only know them from the music videos, I love them soo much. I seriously suggest you check it out but mostly I'm typing this because it inspired me to write about the gay rights movement in general (Wait, am I suppose to capitalize that? Opps, sorry if I didn't. I'll fix it later if I'm supposed too...). I seriously support the gay rights movement. I just wish there were gay pride parades where I lived :( because I'd definitely go support them as a straight ally. I myself, am not gay. When i think about it, if a girl kissed me, wouldn't be offended and I wouldn't be upset but I am not attracted sexually to girls. I guess that's why I don't care, because if I'm not sexually attracted it doesn't really matter to me. However, I know alot of people that are lesbian, Bi or Pansexual. Now, I would like to clarify (at least how I understand it).

Straight- Attracted to members of the opposite gender
Gay- A man attracted to members of the same sex (although used as a general and adjective too)
Lesbian: A woman attracted to member of the same sex (although we also use gay to describe them too, lesbian is just more specific)
Bisexual: A man or women attracted to members of both sexes (not including transgender)
Asexual: A person with a generally low sex drive or no sex drive at all
Transgender: A person who has switched genders by a medical process
Pansexual: Attracted to everyone (including transgender)
Straight Ally- This isn't a sexual orientation but it is sometimes included in the list. A straight ally is a straight man or women who supports the gay right movement.

See, to me the distinction between a bi and pan is including of Trans. specifically and I don't know if that's right but that's how I've always distinguished between the two. Otherwise, I'm not really sure what the difference is. Though, I heard some people say Pan includes sexual attraction to animals... no, that's just bestiality and a sexual fetish. Honestly, if that became a sexual orientation I'd support equal rights for you but I would not agree with what your doing. You can't effectively communicate with animals like that. I as far as I'm concerned or have knowledge of, it's not a thing, so I don't have to worry about that.

Speaking of the different sexual orientations, I don't get transgender. I don't understand the want to change gender. However, it's your body and you can do whatever you want with it, I don't have the right to say you can't and they should have equal rights. It basically is just another form of cosmetic surgery. Now, I don't agree with cosmetic surgery either but, what's done is done. You don't see people denying them rights but take one step below the belt line and "ER MER GERRRD!" pandemonium. (eye roll) That's just stupid.

Continuing on. I don't understand why people automatically assume that straight allies have to be gay... um, no. I just believe in equal rights... there really is nothing more to say about that.

And now we get to the bulk of the issue. Marriage equality. I would like to point out there are so many issues with the fight AGAINST it, it's ridiculous. Do you actually know what "traditional" marriage actually was? Look it up. I dare you. Pologamy, rapists, concubines were all popular forms of 'traditional' marriage. It's in the bible. So there is no "traditional" form of marriage anyways! I would also like to point out: This isn't a religious issue. Separation of church and state people. You can believe what ever you want, but you can't use your religion to justify infringing on the rights of others.

That's just wrong.

I wrote my project on it and i think that I may even post it :) That would be awesome.

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Monday, July 7, 2014


So Theodore (I have decided that Theodore is now my brother's name. He says it's his "Stage name" now. Well this is close as a stage he is ever gonna get lol) comes home from school (he's taking courses to get ahead but he's finished now) And during dinner I look over and see this bruise  on his neck. So of course I'm all concerned like "What is that?" He gets up to look in the mirror and comes back and starts smiling, like I've caught him doing something bad he's secretly proud of. Turns out it was a hickey given to him by some girl named Abby.... I'm really not sure what to make of it. I know some people look down on it. I am looking down on it because it's on his neck where it's so obvious. I know I wouldn't want someone doing that to ME. So...yeeeaah. Idk. What would you guys tell your brother in this situation? Because I'm really just kind of stupefied here.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fan Fiction

I realized one day that one of my pet peeves is fan fiction. I know, I can already imagine the horrified stares at this post and the angry comments I'll get. Hear me out though. It's not that I dislike ALL fan fiction, in fact as a writer, I WANT people to make fan fiction. However, there's a point where I draw the line.

The subject came up in a very round-a-bout way and because it's sort of entertaining I will give you the 4-1-1. So it all began when I was riding in the car with my mom driving. All a sudden, my mom says "Oh crap, it's the missionaries". (Which means they'll be by our house because my dad used to be Mormon but apparently they still have our address or something idk but they always come by and usually we don't mind but sometimes, geez) So I look over as we're driving down the road and sure enough there are two men in white shirts and black dress slacks walking on the sidewalk that leads borders the outside of our neighborhood.

My brother asks "How do you know it's them?"

 My mom looks at him a bit bewildered at how he doesn't know "Because they're in white shirts and carrying bible bags?"

"Oh!" my brother exclaims. "They're walking, I thought you saw their car and was wondering how you could identify them from a car!"

My exasperated Mom just shakes her head "No Theodore they're usually always walking or on bikes."

"Oh, why's that?"

"Because the church doesn't pay for the cars?"


(now of course, I don't know if that's still true or not. My dad left the church a long time ago and the missionaries came to our house once by car so idk) I started laugh as I remember something "That's funny, them riding bikes? Reminds me of William in "Murdock Mysteries". He was always riding his bike everywhere. I mean, all dressed up and looking so serious but here he is, coming down the road on his bike!"

My mom nodded.

"I hate how it ended though. They didn't continue for another season and decided to leave it THERE! If your not making another season, you have to wrap it up! You can't leave that kind of cliffhanger! Especially because that just encourages fan fiction spin offs"

Theodore piped up. "What wrong with that? There's going to be fan fiction anyways."

"I know but-" and then I went on to explain why I didn't like it. For you I will put in an essay form.

So let's start with the fan fiction I don't like: fan made endings. I hate them! To me, it's like intruding on the author's work. You can't say how it ended because you aren't the author and for some reason I'm very touchy about it. It's impossible to make the ending how it should have been written according to the author's vision, it's like books turned into movies and the movies get it seriously wrong. Let's say PECRY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF OMG I HATE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MY RAGE. THE PLOT ISN'T EVEN THE SAME!!!! UGGGGGGGGG! (okay but let's get back on focus here). To me though, there's a difference between ending and alternate endings, that's why I hate cliffhangers. Alternate endings are ways it could have ended but didn't. That's different from endings because I'm talking about fan made ones where they write the ending because the writer couldn't for some reason. Like if the writer died while writing the books or they decided to discontinue the show. Those are the endings I'm talking about. When the ending doesn't exists and so others do it fan made. I have issues with others trying to finish the author's work. It's evasive.

The second type of fan fiction I despise is Yoai. (I know I know so many of you are ready to throw your moniter at the wall). But hold on, I actually like Yaoi (And now you guys are probably yelling at me "Do you like it or DON'T like it? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!) Here's difference: I like Yaoi intill you start shipping a Yaoi that will never be and would never have a possibility to be real. I mean, when people start taking to OBIOUSLY STRAIGHT CHARECTERS and put them in YAOI FAN FICTION! That makes me curse to no end. The example I have in mind is the Naruto and Saske ship (I know, you hate me so much right now) If Naruto and/or Saske was gay, it'd be different, I would probably ship it too. The problem is, they're both obviously straight. Naruto has a crush on Sakura so he's obviously straight (or at least bi or pan but even if he was, he is obviously doting on Sakura right now and I don't think he could be bi because all of that "Sexy Ju-tsu" (is that how I spell it?) Saske, well, he's never liked Sakura in that way so I guess you could argue he could be gay but somehow I doubt it. If it turns out their both gay, I will let you all ship to your heart's content without any grief but so far they are straight so please keep it that way because in all the spin offs and OVA you could imagine, their will be Naruto+Saske. I'm sorry. That does in no way mean I'm against gay rights or gay people. I would consider myself a "Straight Ally" if there were ever gay pride parades where I live (but the people here are so conservative it will never happen).

On the contrary, I love all other types of Fan Fic. My favorite however has got to the artwork. I haven't read many fan fiction stories. My absolute favorites would have to be anything written or drawn for my OTP. Seriously, I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't agree with me. When you see cute things for your OTP you go ballistic, who doesn't?  It always bugs me when I see something totally cute but it's for a different ship than the one I support and I'm all like "NOOO! IT'S SO ADORABLE BUT I REFUSE TO PIN IT BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T IT'S NOT RIGHT!!!" Shipping problems, right? :P

Alright, well I made my point so I'll sign off for now but I should write about Yaoi and gay rights in the near future... in fact, I will. So look forward to those posts coming soon!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walmart Meet and Greet

For Communications Applications (the online summer course I'm taking) we have "Discussion Board Grades". The first one we ever did was a writing prompt that went something like this:

If you had to describe yourself using three objects on the shelves of Wal-Mart, what would they be and why?

Well, let's be honest, that's a really good topic. If only our testing had topics like that! It'd be so awesome. Anyways, I thought it was an awesome topic and I wanted to share my answer with you. Mostly because it was very detailed and it was awesome (:D) I just hope this doesn't count as plagiarism. Because... well technically it's MY work and I'm just using it in two different scenarios. However, it's the author who's using it so I don't think it counts.

If I had to describe me, using the items on the shelves of Wal-Mart, I would choose a nice laptop, a comfy beanbag chair, and a big bookcase full of adventure and romance novels.

The laptop is the portal into my preferred reality. It is my stone that grounds me and the most useful tool in my arsenal when trying to call up my best friend, the internet. Speaking of friendships though, close relations with those I treasure are important to me. Sadly, nowadays I find more of those close relationship drift off as they move away from me. With my email and my laptop however, they are always just clicks away. My laptop also stores my deepest treasures, like pictures that I like and those I have edited and those I have drawn. It holds my life in it's hands, literally. As my dreams of becoming an author blooms into new found reality of sunshine, only my laptop holds the precious key to the working of my inner mind with the thousands of ideas and words I wish to put to spine bound, print paper someday.

A comfy beanbag chair is the place of rest for my mind and body. Like the beanbag chair, I am lazy, laid back, and stoic. I prefer not to get involved, as does the beanbag chair (seeing as it never moves). If you spoke the others outside my personal palace, they may say I'm smart and out going, but the true secret is revealed by thoose who ask the ones I dwell with (or as I call them, familet(s): a single unit or being of your imediate family ex: Mom). The truth is, when alone and home, I am holled up in my personal threshold known as "Kenster's Room". It's my own personal slice of heaven. Mostly because there's a bed, a radio and of course, my laptop. I spend all day on my butt lazy as the beanbag chair under it (although you could argue that I am outgoing, as long as I'm doing something I enjoy, because when it comes to coming up with new plots to surprise my friends, i spend hours thinking and never disappoint). To be frank, I lack the motivation to do ANYTHING I don't enjoy. If someone threatened to kill me I doubt it'd change my motivation to do the dishes.

Finally, the bookshelf. Like the bookshelf, I am tall and unyielding, strong and ridged and stubborn. It'll take some effort to move me out of the way. I may lack motivation for the things I despise, but once I have my heart set on something, there is nothing that will bring me down. Once, I begged my parents to allow me to make a costume for the Scarbourgh fair. Everyone else goes in such cool costumes, why couldn't I? I wanted to dress up in Noelle's dragon riding outfit from my own book. As you would've guessed it, they didn't grant my request. So, behind their backs, I brought the materials to my mother's and hand stitched it with darts and ribbons without a pattern. Now, it hangs on my wall as a prized trophy. On the bookshelf are the countless tales of adventure and romance I could only dream of being apart of myself one day. To me, books are portals to the worlds we cannot reach. Every book is precious and when they are torn or bent it makes me furious. If I'm not online, I'm reading. Reading a juicy Elizabeth Chandler novel or re-reading for the billionth time the daring tales of Percy Jackson. Any story of other worldly impossibilities coupled with high adventure with a side of romance can draw me in. Once enveloped in the portal, it's impossible to make my way out, to the point where my books often get confiscated so I'll do my work.

And there you have it. Me on the shelves of Wal-Mart. Don't be fooled though, I'm not for sale! :D

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Bloggin' Assignment

Well first of all, it's summer (yea!). However, for me summer is always a bore with nothing to do. I think I'll blog about that later... Anyways, back on topic is that I am taking summer courses. A PE course and Communication Applications. NO it is not because I failed. It's because I want to get my required credits during the summer so I can free up more space to do more fun things during the real school year. Our elective choices are always awesome and I'd rather spend my time doing those then having to drag through a whole year of PE. The reason I bring this up though is that we have been assigned a Blogging Assignment. Me: ....O.o Now I'm just wondering if I can use my own blog! I hope so because I've already started doing it (hehehe) I really don't need to create another one. However, this assignment does require me to start keeping up with it again, so maybe this will be good for me! Well, bye for now! I plan on posting a discussion board topic I wrote a few weeks back.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stuck In the Middle

We all know we sometimes get stuck in the middle of a fight between friends and the pressure is on. Somehow, I've managed to get in the middle of a fight between parents! (ug)

Here's how the sceene lays down. Dad, who has a bad back, insists on helping our nieghbor with the fence and doing work all day and right now he can barely stand up -.- While I, have been scolding him all day for doing it. But the stubborn man kept going ofcourse. Then, my mom is in a pissy mood because she's had another nasty allergy attack and feels like crap. I, am sitting on the couch trying to disappear and watch anime.

Well, now dinner rolls around. Something to understand is dinner in our house is always kinda wierd. We can never decide what we want and it always seems like dinner is a chore for our house. With both parents handicapped though, we have the question of: Who's making dinner? So my brave yet foolish Dad decides to bring up the subject of dinner by saying "Are you going to be able to make dinner?" where we have a brief discucsion about the state of these two individuals and I volunteer to make quesidias (cause I can't make much) but get denied. I toon out and watch anime.

Next thing I know, Mom is yelling at Dad about the fact that he can barely stand and now he's expceting her to make dinner when she feels like crap and blah blah blah. And then somehow the subject of me watching anime all day comes into the subject. About, how my dad lets me sit here on the couch on the computer all day. And now my mom is pissed off.

A couple things:
1.) DON'T DRAG ME INTO THIS! That just isn't fair!
2.) I'm sorry if the conviences of entertainment I enjoy is only accessed on an internet capable device and which case, the only one I have is my computer.

It happened with my writting, my roleplaying, Colorgaurd and now Anime. When I really like something, I go in full heartedly and that's about all I do. Because that's what I want to do to enjoy my self. Wheather it's my writting, my roleplay, colorgaurd or watching anime. So now, when ever I get a hobby it becomes "evil' because that's all I spend my time on. Sorry if I'd rather watch anime than play outside. Sorry if I'd rather write a book than read one. The thing is, you can't blame my lack of charecter and good qualities on a presumed addiction to what ever is suiting my fancy right now. I'm going to have my faults and I'm going to be this way no matter what I get into, it's just who I am. I'm going to be a bad person wheather I'm watching anime, doing colorgaurd, writting or not. I'm still the same person. I'm not going to change into this perfect mold suddenly because you took my pencil away or you took my computer or my flag away. I'm still the same old same old horrible me.

And I think it's about time they just came to terms and dealt with it.

I'm not a good person, end of story.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Evening That Only Draws On...

I am writing about my morbid experience last night. Hahaha. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. But, all things considered, I was in a pretty bad mood. Which in someways I don't understand how other don't understand (redundant I know).
Welll, first of all, I didn't want to leave the house in the first place. I hermit alot when we're not in school. I don't like leaving the comforts of home and the reward of Popeyes isn't much incentive. Plus, our particular Popeyes has a reputation for having a frigid temperature. Here's a simple equation to sum it up.
Kenster+Any temperature below room or body temperature= COLD= torchure= bad mood

Well, I guess the bad mood can be debatable. But then, we get in there and it takes FOREVER to even give our order. Quite seriously, they were way understaffed. Just watching them made me itch in irritation. It was so annoying. Then the lady had bi-lingual issues. She apparently didn't understand English very well. They were so understaffed that this lady at the counter was also scrambling to pack boxes and what not, which just shouldn't happen. There should be someone at the register at all times. There was only about four MAYBE five people there and all of them seemed to not have a clue what they were doing. You have no idea how frustrating this was. What appalled me even more, no one seemed bothered by it! Which I completely do not understand. Incompetence was annoying but everyone just stood there and took it. Somehow, I didn't find it acceptable. Anyways, we finally get our order taken and right now, I'm itching to move along so I quickly place my order, no funny business. "Number five side of fries, soft drink" Quick. Apparently that was rude and I got chewed out by my mom for it. I knew what I wanted, I said it quickly. I don't understand what the big deal was, this girl was obviously confused. Get in, get out. Simple. However, the kitchen seemed to have other plans for me. I'm pretty sure we were waiting for at least thirty minutes for our food and then eating took forever. By the thankful hour we go out of there I was bouncing off the walls just wanting to get OUT of there. Just... UG!!!!! I can't explain it, I just had to get out of there. Then we had to go grocery shopping which put another damper on my mood. At which point, mom didn't want to deal with me anymore and sent me to go sit out and wait for the rest of them to finish the trip. Which also bothered me. I mean, I couldn't think in that plush chair any better than I could think sitting in that cold bench listening to the annoying circus tunes at Popeyes. At least navigating through the store to find shopping items would distract my thoughts from the fact that I couldn't think which bothered me more. Plus that fact that my internet shuts off at 7 via parental controls and all this lollygagging was preventing me from finishing my Anime Movie back at home that I only had about 15 minutes left. To get so close and then get derailed also irked me.

I was a very irked person.

The point is, we left probably around 5:20 5:30 and we returned well after 8. (Me having a murderous look) In the end, I went upstairs and got to finish my movie and the sequel movie and all was well with a bag of frosted animal crackers. (Which I haven't had in FOREVER AND THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS!)

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Thursday, February 27, 2014


If it wasn't obvious from the title, your favorite blogger, is being shipped. And usually people get shipped because of Somme obvious reasons, right? Nope. It's...
-not that I, a.) have a boyfriend
-or b.) have been kissed
-not to mention c.) ever gotten a love letter period, much less from this guy I'm being shipped with
- I don't d.) have a serious crush on him nor does he have a crush on me (although my friend seems to think so. Yeah. Whatever)
- not even e.) really good friends

The reason is none of the above. Instead,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Audio Media

I have even recently become addicted to a podcast called "Welcome To Night Vale". I find the fact that I can follow along a rare occurrence. Audio books, for example, are awful. I can never follow along. When I listen to them I have an unfulfilled itch for the familiar textured feel, the smell of pages bound in glue. Books are meant to be read. Not listened to. Personally, I think Audio Books are  used by lazy people or in the car when you should be listening to the radio. It's a bit biased of me, but I have ways. In my ways, the perfect time to listen to the radio is in the car. Not in your bedroom, not with friend or playing while you relax in your brand-new hottub, in the car. I hate the uncomftable silence of a car. It needs the background sound of a radio station, there's no way to get around that. Now, listening to an audio book while you read along is a bit different. I geuss I get that. But audio books usually have such a monotone, annoying voice that I really can't stand them.

Another popular form of audio media, as mention earlier, is the radio. Now, to me, the main purpose of the radio has always been for music. I have never really used it for news although everytime we're in the car, my mom sets it to the public radio (snore). Sometimes there are intresting articles but like audio books, I find it hard to follow along. In the mornings, last year I'd turn on my favorite pop radio station but it'd always be their annoying talk show that just gave me a headache. They were talkng all about the latest celeberity gossip when really, all I wanted was a few musical tunes to get dressed, eat my breakfast and brush my teeth to. Instead I had to listen to thier annoying voices yap about things that nobody really cares about. So eventually I just shut it off. I've learned my lesson on that one.

The next audio media I can think of is the podcast. I personally have no had a lot of experince wih podcasts. But, I'll admit, without doing my research, I used to think they were stupid, like most forms of audio media. The truth is, I've found a really delightful, enjoyable show called "Welcome To Night Vale" as I mentioned earlier. So, I have to eat my words on that one. I would do some podcast research and see all about it but once a start a series of something I have to listen, watch or read it in order to the end so I will have to wait t l I finish Night Vale to check out the others. However, I am very curious about what could possibly be out there.

In genera, I've never seen the use of audio media for there are very few audio learners out there and all the commercials are really annoying. However, I really like music and my favorite new podcasts so I will admit it is not completely useless. Instead, it is very useful, unless your are a pessimist like me who doesn't like to admit they were wrong. :P

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day Bekah's List

I'd like to make it known that I am not a big fan of Valentines day. In fact I usually refuse to call it Valentines. Instead it is Valentimes. Yes I know it's silly. I do not care. I just like the m in there better. It just... Is. Anyways, for thoose who didn't know, the original "Valentines" can be dated back to a two week festive in roman times celebrating the goddess Venus (It's Aphrodite get it right you stupid Romans. I'm sorry, personal issues here). They would take a virgin cow and all the single men would take a strip of it's hide. Then, they proceeded to leave a Valentine or mark on the single woman they fancied. Yes, the original valentine was a mark of a virgin cows BLOOD. Ew.
Anyways, I have this quirky fun friend named Bekah. This year, Bekah wrote a few notes about why she doesn't like Valentines. Here it is:

1.) Valentines day is over rated. But...... I do like chocolate. Especially marked down chocolate on the 15th.  It's nice. Not as nice as a dozen roses, a giant teddy bear that love you, and a large heart shaped box of caramels and cremes from a cute boy...... But still nice. I guess.

2.) Roses are red, violets are blue. Cupid is stupid, and so are you.

3.) Single Awareness Day is a great example of putting a positive spin on things. Even if it still spells "SAD"....

4.) Fat Naked Flying Babies with Weapons are creepy anyways...

5.) Don't give children weapons they say.... Then they dedicate an entire day to a Naked Child with a mind altering Bow and Arrow. 

6.) In Japan, people who don't get anything on Valentines day get a free meal. I wish I lived in Japan.....

7.) Also in Japan, a girl is supposed to give to every guy in her life, and a month later the guys must give the girls chocolate three time the value if the original gift. Again, I want to be Japanese.

8.) Roses are red ( and white and pink and peach and yellow) and violets are blue (or...yuh know... Violet) and valentines day is great!(unless you are single, or allergic to chocolate)

9.) Love is just a dirty trick played on us to ensure the continuation of the species.

10.) Why don't we all get tickets at a Chinese theatre, and make sure to get odd numbered seats. The even couples would watch the movie alone!

11.)Table for one. Money to buy As much food as you want OR table for two, and sweating about the bill.
So there you have it. 11 reasons to dislike Valentines... Well technically I think #10 is just something evil to do but whatever.
She made this list of course, one block before her crush gave her a Valeo-gram asking her out...
The irony is not lost on me.
I always dress up for Valentines day because it's just an exuse to look nice :) but what I really wanted for valentines was a tub of Hershey's frosting... Mmm they way to my heart is through my stomach ;P I'm going to get fat eating to my heart's content some day. Hahaha. Anyways, hope you enjoyed my friend's Valentines list!
Blah blah blah, Your fav. Blogger,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Long Time No See

Hey. So I guess I'm not really speaking to anyone of importance at this point. Haha. I haven't posted in so long there's no way that someone is still here checking on little old me. As usual I would like to start a new, although I've tried that many times. I guess I can try and fail again. Who knows.

So let's start with the updates.

Right. So now I'm a freshman! Yeah! School is a bit more fun now except it's stressing me out. I was part of the colorgaurd program, we made it to state as a second year band (first state year) So that's exciting. I even had a minor solo in the beginning. Now however, my only stress reliever was taken away on account low grades, even though I was one of the only ones not failing anything (parents choice) So that really sucks. But with colorgaurd gone from now, I'll need something to do with myself and perhaps restoring this dead website might just be it.

Ignore my other posts. Complete crap most of them. Your welcome to read them and laugh.

So my brother recently graduated from some therapy. (long story I won't delve into) Where as I, have been dragged into it and have not. (-.-) Because apparently I'm clinically depressed. Which also sucks.

Well that's about all the update I can come up with so I'll end this post till I find something more interesting to blab about.

Your Fav. Blogger,