Monday, October 24, 2011

Educational Technology

Hey peoples! Alright yeah I haven't posted my advice colum for last week or whatever sorry I was busy! But for Educational Techology and Online Learning a.k.a a very boring course on Online Safety, I'm learning about Blogging (OH WAIT A MINUTE! I already KNOW about blogging becuase I have my OWN blogging website!) Safety. So anyways one of the activities is that you "Blog" on these six different topics they give you but I only have like 3 to do becuase I've already posted some blogs on the topics they want you posting on : ) ! HAH! So if you want you can read the blog on each topic I'm supposed to be blogging on. Though you know, how could you BLOG if you don't actually have you own website! : ) Yeah, yeah "they mean write a paragraph or to if you had your own blog on the following topics stop being dumb!" Well I was being a smart alex. So know I'm going to "blog" on the topics

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Okay It's time to tell you something about me, my teeth are just waked! I have so serve over bite it's called over jet and crossbite. None of my teeth line up. My first four front teeth are in like a complete straight line it's wierd. I even stopped smiling with my teeth becuase of it. Wich I shouldn't but it doesn't really matter anyway becuase for some reason I don't smile as much as I used to. I rarely smile anymore. Anyways, becuase of all of this I would have to get braces and a pallet widening becuase my pallet(roof of my mouth) it to narrow. If fits PERFECTLY to my tonge it's creepy. My pallet is an impression of my tounge no joke. And like everyweek they put a key in and turn it to widen more and it's cemented on the roof of you mouth! : ( BUT! I may be getting saved. There is this thing called invisiline. What is it? A invisable impression that's tweeked a bit to move your teeth gradualy intill they're were they're supposed to be. Every two weeks you change them. Now I know your saying "You have to go to the dentist every two weeks? That's stupid!" No, you go every 6 to 8 weeks and they give you the next four sets of invisiline impression things to change out every two weeks intill you come back. And guess what? Since you can remove it, I can still eat, chips, popcorns, gum, corn on the cob and everything else. Take it out, eat, put it back in. And no specail one hour long cleaning either. Take it out, brush my teeth, give the thing a quick brush and done! Awesome right!?! but I may have to wait intill I'm 13 wich would be next year bleh But isn't it worth it!?!?!
Your fav. Blogger,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's beat the record

Alright, The record for page views per month on this website is onehundred forty something. Right now we have 30, Come on guys let's beat the record here I'd be hapy if we even got like, 60 but come let's try and this does no inlued my pageviews becuase then it would be invaled but also thankyou guys for being so awesome to check my blog!
Your fav. Blogger,
UPDATE! 10 more views to beat june we're at 42 we need over 52 to beat june
UPDATE! RIGHT NOW! we are tied with june! WHAHOO! 52 page views excatly! Alright so, I don't know what month is next to beat, but I look and update later alright the next month would be my first year posting, in december or november can't remember now but it is-124 page views! If we wanna beat this record we're gonna have to step it up a bit
OUR FINAL TOTAL WAS....... I know this is a litlle late posted but our final total page views was (drumroll please!) 88 page views! That's really good, you guys rock! Thanks alot! We didn't beat the record but we increase page views alot! I think I might do a page view contest between countries (becuase you can like see how many people from Russia or how many people from the United states has looked at your website) Thanks guys so much!
P.S this is like totally unrelated but MYSTERY TRAIN ISLAND IS FINALLY OUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE! WHAOOO! Supposedly anyway and if it isn't I'm going to be in a REAL bad mood
About 15 minute later. . . .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friend trouble

Alright I need some help If you've been reading all my posts you probably have heard my saying that Key's mad at me. So I need you help. She wants me to apoligize first and I don't have a problem with that it's just I'm not sure what I'm exactly apoligizing for.

New Design

Alright New designing is done if your adress for the website says then you are at the right spot. The page should have a green plaid dimond thing and the whole thing should have green text and stuff. So don't be alamrmed, I ashure you your were you need to be unless you ended here by mistake ofcourse but even if you did look around and post a coment!
Your fav. Blogger,

Catching up

Hey guys! Sorry again for not posting. Well let me catch you up I'm now in the 7th grade! I switched online schools but this one is much better. My dad left for a bussnies trip on monday in Los Vegas and his plane for his return home gets here at like midnight tonight so yeah(or would it be tomarow becuase midninght is when a new day starts? huh). And then it would take like an hour to get to and back from the airport becuase ours is ridduculy huge.ummm let's see. Oh Kegan's mad at me I'll have more detials on that later. Oh! And. . . .

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Micheal Jackson

(okay for some reason this post never got published butI wrote it a long time ago)I was just listening to my mp3 player (which I just got back yesterday, long story) and I had my favorite song that Micheal Jackson had written (Smooth Criminal) and I remembered the day he had died. I know you people won't belive me and think I'm full of baloney but, we had been at Dairy Queen and my parents where talking about the song that was playing on the radio. ( Which was by Micheal Jackson, DUH)So when the mentioned Micheal Jackson, me, being SOOO out of tune of popular singers and whatnot said "Isn't Micheal Jackson dead?" When we got home, my mom was on her computer when she saw a article that Micheal Jackson had died a couple of hours or so earlyer. So technicly I was correct! I can't believe I remember that!

The best game I've ever played

Right now my brother is playing a bunch of computer games on those game sites. What are some of the best games you've ever played? Tell me the name of the game, what it's about, why you think it rocks and the website you found it on. I am ecpecially instrested in management and puzzle games. I wanna hear all about!