Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walmart Meet and Greet

For Communications Applications (the online summer course I'm taking) we have "Discussion Board Grades". The first one we ever did was a writing prompt that went something like this:

If you had to describe yourself using three objects on the shelves of Wal-Mart, what would they be and why?

Well, let's be honest, that's a really good topic. If only our testing had topics like that! It'd be so awesome. Anyways, I thought it was an awesome topic and I wanted to share my answer with you. Mostly because it was very detailed and it was awesome (:D) I just hope this doesn't count as plagiarism. Because... well technically it's MY work and I'm just using it in two different scenarios. However, it's the author who's using it so I don't think it counts.

If I had to describe me, using the items on the shelves of Wal-Mart, I would choose a nice laptop, a comfy beanbag chair, and a big bookcase full of adventure and romance novels.

The laptop is the portal into my preferred reality. It is my stone that grounds me and the most useful tool in my arsenal when trying to call up my best friend, the internet. Speaking of friendships though, close relations with those I treasure are important to me. Sadly, nowadays I find more of those close relationship drift off as they move away from me. With my email and my laptop however, they are always just clicks away. My laptop also stores my deepest treasures, like pictures that I like and those I have edited and those I have drawn. It holds my life in it's hands, literally. As my dreams of becoming an author blooms into new found reality of sunshine, only my laptop holds the precious key to the working of my inner mind with the thousands of ideas and words I wish to put to spine bound, print paper someday.

A comfy beanbag chair is the place of rest for my mind and body. Like the beanbag chair, I am lazy, laid back, and stoic. I prefer not to get involved, as does the beanbag chair (seeing as it never moves). If you spoke the others outside my personal palace, they may say I'm smart and out going, but the true secret is revealed by thoose who ask the ones I dwell with (or as I call them, familet(s): a single unit or being of your imediate family ex: Mom). The truth is, when alone and home, I am holled up in my personal threshold known as "Kenster's Room". It's my own personal slice of heaven. Mostly because there's a bed, a radio and of course, my laptop. I spend all day on my butt lazy as the beanbag chair under it (although you could argue that I am outgoing, as long as I'm doing something I enjoy, because when it comes to coming up with new plots to surprise my friends, i spend hours thinking and never disappoint). To be frank, I lack the motivation to do ANYTHING I don't enjoy. If someone threatened to kill me I doubt it'd change my motivation to do the dishes.

Finally, the bookshelf. Like the bookshelf, I am tall and unyielding, strong and ridged and stubborn. It'll take some effort to move me out of the way. I may lack motivation for the things I despise, but once I have my heart set on something, there is nothing that will bring me down. Once, I begged my parents to allow me to make a costume for the Scarbourgh fair. Everyone else goes in such cool costumes, why couldn't I? I wanted to dress up in Noelle's dragon riding outfit from my own book. As you would've guessed it, they didn't grant my request. So, behind their backs, I brought the materials to my mother's and hand stitched it with darts and ribbons without a pattern. Now, it hangs on my wall as a prized trophy. On the bookshelf are the countless tales of adventure and romance I could only dream of being apart of myself one day. To me, books are portals to the worlds we cannot reach. Every book is precious and when they are torn or bent it makes me furious. If I'm not online, I'm reading. Reading a juicy Elizabeth Chandler novel or re-reading for the billionth time the daring tales of Percy Jackson. Any story of other worldly impossibilities coupled with high adventure with a side of romance can draw me in. Once enveloped in the portal, it's impossible to make my way out, to the point where my books often get confiscated so I'll do my work.

And there you have it. Me on the shelves of Wal-Mart. Don't be fooled though, I'm not for sale! :D

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