Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Evening That Only Draws On...

I am writing about my morbid experience last night. Hahaha. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. But, all things considered, I was in a pretty bad mood. Which in someways I don't understand how other don't understand (redundant I know).
Welll, first of all, I didn't want to leave the house in the first place. I hermit alot when we're not in school. I don't like leaving the comforts of home and the reward of Popeyes isn't much incentive. Plus, our particular Popeyes has a reputation for having a frigid temperature. Here's a simple equation to sum it up.
Kenster+Any temperature below room or body temperature= COLD= torchure= bad mood

Well, I guess the bad mood can be debatable. But then, we get in there and it takes FOREVER to even give our order. Quite seriously, they were way understaffed. Just watching them made me itch in irritation. It was so annoying. Then the lady had bi-lingual issues. She apparently didn't understand English very well. They were so understaffed that this lady at the counter was also scrambling to pack boxes and what not, which just shouldn't happen. There should be someone at the register at all times. There was only about four MAYBE five people there and all of them seemed to not have a clue what they were doing. You have no idea how frustrating this was. What appalled me even more, no one seemed bothered by it! Which I completely do not understand. Incompetence was annoying but everyone just stood there and took it. Somehow, I didn't find it acceptable. Anyways, we finally get our order taken and right now, I'm itching to move along so I quickly place my order, no funny business. "Number five side of fries, soft drink" Quick. Apparently that was rude and I got chewed out by my mom for it. I knew what I wanted, I said it quickly. I don't understand what the big deal was, this girl was obviously confused. Get in, get out. Simple. However, the kitchen seemed to have other plans for me. I'm pretty sure we were waiting for at least thirty minutes for our food and then eating took forever. By the thankful hour we go out of there I was bouncing off the walls just wanting to get OUT of there. Just... UG!!!!! I can't explain it, I just had to get out of there. Then we had to go grocery shopping which put another damper on my mood. At which point, mom didn't want to deal with me anymore and sent me to go sit out and wait for the rest of them to finish the trip. Which also bothered me. I mean, I couldn't think in that plush chair any better than I could think sitting in that cold bench listening to the annoying circus tunes at Popeyes. At least navigating through the store to find shopping items would distract my thoughts from the fact that I couldn't think which bothered me more. Plus that fact that my internet shuts off at 7 via parental controls and all this lollygagging was preventing me from finishing my Anime Movie back at home that I only had about 15 minutes left. To get so close and then get derailed also irked me.

I was a very irked person.

The point is, we left probably around 5:20 5:30 and we returned well after 8. (Me having a murderous look) In the end, I went upstairs and got to finish my movie and the sequel movie and all was well with a bag of frosted animal crackers. (Which I haven't had in FOREVER AND THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS!)

Blah Blah Blah
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