Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rubik's cube and smile faces

Do you know what a rubik's cube is? It's this cool puzzle thing, a cube of course and there is are different sizes too. It's really fun to solve to see what i'm talking about look it up there is tons of stuff on the internet to tell you about it. If you're reading these words then you know how to navigate on the internet.
Most of you have a phone correct? (Well who doesn't these days? I mean almost every kid I ask has one, but they don't have email. I mean seriously!) well when you text to your friends you sometimes might put those smiley faces on it. So I have a question for you. What is your fav. smile that you use? Post them in your comments below I like this one,  : P  it's supposed to be someone with thier tounge out of their mouth but it doesn't really look like that, does it?  Wait! I should of thought of this before,  : P  if I bold the dots it looks less abnormal.
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Dear, Kegan

Dear, Kegan
I'm SO happy for you! You got a computer for Christmas! Is it a net book, computer or laptop? And Yes MAKENNA NOEL TO YOU! ( To the confused people reading this right now: Noel means Christmas and in Kenyan Makenna means happy, so right now I'm wishing my friend a happy Christmas) Kegan! Some People in Brazil know English and they probably have some sort of thing that translates it into their language. Honestly I don't know very much so if you are reading this right now and you live in Brazil or some other country that English is not popular, tell us how you are reading these words on this page.(Thank you for answering my friend's question in advance) And sorry about the name spelling, I'm getting better though. And I KNOW that Courtney isn't a oboe, I'm in the oboe class remember? You didn't forget that I play bassoon over the Holidays did you? The reason I mentioned him is because IF he were to pick band he would have played the oboe. ALL of the oboe players and bassoon players were on my team last year except for you. AND I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! I got a PHONE for Christmas and a COLOR NOOK! and when I got my ears pierced guess what earrings I got put in! My birthstone which is SOO pretty. And Kegan,P.S - You are SO not a yellow, you ARE a green with a little red and a LOT of blue and I belive you said you name was K-E-G-A-N right? at least, that's what you said on you comment you posted. or did it have spaces? I'll have to check that later. . . . . . . XP (look at it sideways) I left you a comment on the dream thing because it was only about a sentence long.
-One of your best friends,
 And for my fans
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OMG! SORRY! I haven't been on in a while and I haven't read all you comments yet {YOU APPARENTLY WRITE A LOT OF THEM : P } BUT GUESS WHAT! I got a gift card for christmas to go to claire's. GUESS what it was for! Ear piercing. I JUST GOT MY EARS PIERCED TODAY! [well, technically re-pierced because they closed up when I got them pierced when I was just a baby but still, I didn't remember it back

Well most of you now are going "What are you talking about who in the world is -----? Okay, since I can't use names I put a number of these [ - ] depending how many letters there are in the name now. I'm talking to one of my BFFs but it's true about the ear piercing [ first I've got to learn how to spell that word becuase I'm tired of those ------ red lines!]
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three things I wish teachers would understand about me

This was a writing journal response assignment. We had to write about three things that we wish our teachers would understand about me. Here's what I put:

 Three things I wish my teachers would understand about me. . . . . . . . .  GT, independent, Reading stratigies. Since that isn't very clear, lisen to my detials.

Journal entry

Okay this is an entry about my day in kickball today

I had another bad day, I'm tired of everyone saying that it's all my fault! I don't even get a sympathetic sorry before I get told off, no one understands! And for once if might be nice to have someone that does. People would probably rather spend a day with The ac kid than me!WHY DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND! Oh great, science my friend is probably going to spend the time telling me I was wrong and whatnot. I mean, she is a good friend and all, but she doesn't understand either and she is the closest friend I have! DOES ANYONE GET MY PAIN? Well, i think I know of one SPECIAL person . . . . . . . . but still. Though to look on the bright side my friend understands me better than most and I think shes like me, when there is a friend sad or a friend fight, she tries to fix it because it makes thing less enjoyable for others and uneasy, definitely with a fight going on, I REALLY need to learn how just be happy or to even just pretend I'm happy for the sake of others Though k---- would probably find out eventually because I most likely wouldn't be very good at it. I mean it makes me less of a friend. I feel like I'm just a happynessvacum or something and suck up the happiness in others. If anyone of my friends could rate me on friend quality, I would probably get a 0, at least it feels like it. I'm not a good return of favors person.
ARG{ In my real journal, this is MUCH bigger}


I honestly don't know why I named this blog Hala becuase that is not really how I feel right now. I picked kickball in gym and I'm not even going to talk about it. Except for one detial that happened to me,. . . . . . . today. In kickball there is not a lot of girls, just a bunch of idiots, jerks, dorks, geeks, you know, the usual except with a compitive and yell at everybody and I'm perfect plus pack. Now one of the girls in kickball is my friend. And she ends up team caption, so she gets to pick the people. And the two team captions start picking. When she looks at me I go " pick me!" I mean she's the only friend I have in kickball right now. And she doesn't pick me. I don't even get picked LAST! Our coach ended up dividing the rest of us that hadn't gotten picked and I ended up on the other team with tattle tell and a bunch of other stupid idoit bozos. So this is what I'm thinking, One of my best friends pick a bunch of stupid idiot bozo boys and DIDN"T EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT PIKING ME?!?!?!?!?! I mean I understand if I'm not on the top of the list (People hate my guts) but . . . . . . . . Later she said that she picked skill over friendship. Doesn't that just seem wrong to you? I understand if it was a contest or there was a prize or something, but THIS IS FREAKING GYM CLASS! WHY DOESN"T ANYONE UNDERSTAND? (becuase all my friends are basicly saying it's my fault wich is all they do, BLAME ME, yeah sometimes I over react a little {Okay a lot} but I don't even get a sympithetic sorry!?? before they tell me off) Well tring to get out of my pity party, I'm going some post some stuff I've written in my writing journal for L.A. {I guess you could say I use it like a diary}
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