Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fan Fiction

I realized one day that one of my pet peeves is fan fiction. I know, I can already imagine the horrified stares at this post and the angry comments I'll get. Hear me out though. It's not that I dislike ALL fan fiction, in fact as a writer, I WANT people to make fan fiction. However, there's a point where I draw the line.

The subject came up in a very round-a-bout way and because it's sort of entertaining I will give you the 4-1-1. So it all began when I was riding in the car with my mom driving. All a sudden, my mom says "Oh crap, it's the missionaries". (Which means they'll be by our house because my dad used to be Mormon but apparently they still have our address or something idk but they always come by and usually we don't mind but sometimes, geez) So I look over as we're driving down the road and sure enough there are two men in white shirts and black dress slacks walking on the sidewalk that leads borders the outside of our neighborhood.

My brother asks "How do you know it's them?"

 My mom looks at him a bit bewildered at how he doesn't know "Because they're in white shirts and carrying bible bags?"

"Oh!" my brother exclaims. "They're walking, I thought you saw their car and was wondering how you could identify them from a car!"

My exasperated Mom just shakes her head "No Theodore they're usually always walking or on bikes."

"Oh, why's that?"

"Because the church doesn't pay for the cars?"


(now of course, I don't know if that's still true or not. My dad left the church a long time ago and the missionaries came to our house once by car so idk) I started laugh as I remember something "That's funny, them riding bikes? Reminds me of William in "Murdock Mysteries". He was always riding his bike everywhere. I mean, all dressed up and looking so serious but here he is, coming down the road on his bike!"

My mom nodded.

"I hate how it ended though. They didn't continue for another season and decided to leave it THERE! If your not making another season, you have to wrap it up! You can't leave that kind of cliffhanger! Especially because that just encourages fan fiction spin offs"

Theodore piped up. "What wrong with that? There's going to be fan fiction anyways."

"I know but-" and then I went on to explain why I didn't like it. For you I will put in an essay form.

So let's start with the fan fiction I don't like: fan made endings. I hate them! To me, it's like intruding on the author's work. You can't say how it ended because you aren't the author and for some reason I'm very touchy about it. It's impossible to make the ending how it should have been written according to the author's vision, it's like books turned into movies and the movies get it seriously wrong. Let's say PECRY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF OMG I HATE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MY RAGE. THE PLOT ISN'T EVEN THE SAME!!!! UGGGGGGGGG! (okay but let's get back on focus here). To me though, there's a difference between ending and alternate endings, that's why I hate cliffhangers. Alternate endings are ways it could have ended but didn't. That's different from endings because I'm talking about fan made ones where they write the ending because the writer couldn't for some reason. Like if the writer died while writing the books or they decided to discontinue the show. Those are the endings I'm talking about. When the ending doesn't exists and so others do it fan made. I have issues with others trying to finish the author's work. It's evasive.

The second type of fan fiction I despise is Yoai. (I know I know so many of you are ready to throw your moniter at the wall). But hold on, I actually like Yaoi (And now you guys are probably yelling at me "Do you like it or DON'T like it? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!) Here's difference: I like Yaoi intill you start shipping a Yaoi that will never be and would never have a possibility to be real. I mean, when people start taking to OBIOUSLY STRAIGHT CHARECTERS and put them in YAOI FAN FICTION! That makes me curse to no end. The example I have in mind is the Naruto and Saske ship (I know, you hate me so much right now) If Naruto and/or Saske was gay, it'd be different, I would probably ship it too. The problem is, they're both obviously straight. Naruto has a crush on Sakura so he's obviously straight (or at least bi or pan but even if he was, he is obviously doting on Sakura right now and I don't think he could be bi because all of that "Sexy Ju-tsu" (is that how I spell it?) Saske, well, he's never liked Sakura in that way so I guess you could argue he could be gay but somehow I doubt it. If it turns out their both gay, I will let you all ship to your heart's content without any grief but so far they are straight so please keep it that way because in all the spin offs and OVA you could imagine, their will be Naruto+Saske. I'm sorry. That does in no way mean I'm against gay rights or gay people. I would consider myself a "Straight Ally" if there were ever gay pride parades where I live (but the people here are so conservative it will never happen).

On the contrary, I love all other types of Fan Fic. My favorite however has got to the artwork. I haven't read many fan fiction stories. My absolute favorites would have to be anything written or drawn for my OTP. Seriously, I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't agree with me. When you see cute things for your OTP you go ballistic, who doesn't?  It always bugs me when I see something totally cute but it's for a different ship than the one I support and I'm all like "NOOO! IT'S SO ADORABLE BUT I REFUSE TO PIN IT BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T IT'S NOT RIGHT!!!" Shipping problems, right? :P

Alright, well I made my point so I'll sign off for now but I should write about Yaoi and gay rights in the near future... in fact, I will. So look forward to those posts coming soon!

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