Friday, May 18, 2012

What's your deepest fear?

Everybody is afraid of something, if your not afraid of anything then lucky you but even if you say that I doubt it. Common fears are usually spiders, snakes, the dentist, clowns, death, hights. Which some of them i don't get. I understand spiders, snakes, death and hights. But the dentist and clowns? Really? I mean, you just have to understand that it's just a person! That looks weird. And the dentist is really nobody to be scared of. I really don't understand that one. If your a little kid, yeah sure i get it. But you should grow out of that. If i was afraid of the dentist i would tell you why but i'm not so i can't. Death, i understand because there's so little known about it. Spiders are just... creepy so i get that and snakes. Plus all the fantasy about spiders and snakes just help that thought. Personaly, i'm not afraid of hights, it's getting there that's the problem. Like for a long time I was scared of the atic. Not because of the atic it's self, not because of how high it was, because of the ladder and getting up there. Once i'm up there, I'm fine, but getting there is the problem. Oh and i hate bridges some times, because I'm afraid they're going to collapse. But that's a minor fear that I can always talk my self out of and be fine. Here is a list of things i'm afraid of (not nessisarily in order)
1. Death- Is it painful to die? I mean of course it depends of the way i die which brings me to: I don't wanna die by burning... or drowning... or being murdered or bleeding to death....
2. Pain- I know this is ridduculus and laugh at me if you want to but yes, i'm afraid of pain. This is why i used to be afraid of shots and needles, which i've grown out of, i still don't like it but I'm okay with it now.
3. Spiders- This has a whole backstory to it involving a dream, but its not little harmless spiders i'm afraid of it's the black widow and the brown recluess because they are very deathly.
4. Snakes- i don't like them, i'm afraid of getting bitten and dieing. So basicly this comes with my fear of dieing i guess.
5. Getting shut in the elevator- Yes i know, ridduculus but I don't like elevators because i'm afraid of the cables snaping or getting shut in the door. It happens and i don't want my limbs snapped off and plus it sounds so painful, again i'm afraid of pain.

All of these are big fears of mine. I'm afraid of snakes, spiders and getting shut in the elevator because it enolves pain and maybe death. But you wanna know my deepest fear? The reason I'm afraid of dieing? It's because my deepest fears is waking up one day and realizing I've wasted my life. (pause for dramatic effect so you can let that sink in) I'm afraid of dieing before i do something meaningful in my life. Dieing before I effect change, do something, acomplish the impossible. My biggest fear is that I'm wasting the greatest gift of all: Life. And this isn't a joke, I really am afraid of this, I mean i look at my life now and I think "gosh I've wasted so many years!" And i don't want that to happen before it's to late. I mean, i look back and think "Life is short and years ago i was mad because i didn't get a toy? Or I fought with my brother about who got the last slice of piza?!?! Does it really MATTER?" And don't get on to me about being some old person because this is my deepest fear, it think this is a completely good and wise fear to have! I mean really! Did you ever stop to think about that? I didn't intill this year when i really started thinking about how other people have gone out and done some really amazing things and about how i've always wanted to do something like that and then I realize "Wow, that's my fear, dieing before i get something done, wasting my life away" And I think putting these thoughts on paper is a step in the right direction for me. Putting my thoughts on this blog, may one day inspire somebody, or even make people lisen. I think about who i am and realize: "I talk about these things because my biggest dream is to change the world" I think this fear, is the only fear that matters.
Your wiseful Blogger,
(I'm going to put this thought in a quote let me think for a minute...)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poptropica Fashion Sense

I've noticed that alot of people don't have any fashion sense on poptropica and it drives me nuts, the outfits people show up in when they're in the common room! I mean really! If you look at my profile pic of my poptropican, you'll see that i carefully picked out my outfit and it actually matches. But sometimes... ug. And i'm so mad that they made the closet thing just for members I'm so steamed about that, i was really looking forward to having that feature. Grr. Before you know it poptropica will be a members only thing. It happens to almost every website and it sucks! I love to make different outfits on poptropica! It's one of the things that makes it so fun. Since you now can't do the closet I think i'll make my own paper type closet. By myself. Use the avatar studio thing to take pictures of each outfit and then save the picture, insert it to a powerpoint and label each part and where to get it weather store costume or player. To help with your poptropican fashion sense I'll put some of my tips:
1. When you start, don't worry entirely about matching, but think about what might be useful.
2. Start on the islands that don't have poptropicans such as: Big Nate, Great pumpkin,  Wimpy wonderland
3. Once you've completed those three you should have enough to buy the 3 costume saver in the store (don't forget to get all the free stuff that's there and check regularly for free costumes and specail effects)
4. Now that you've got the costume saver, go to Early poptropica, there are three people at mainstreet, pick and choose off of they're clothing using the customizer. To change what they're wearing, go to the left, and go back. once you've created a complete matching outfit, you're all set. You can save it in the costumizer. From Early poptropica you'll get a kind of casual school kid look.If your real serious about costumes you could actual document what the different things the random charecters can wear. (bout i doubt your really that serious about costumes you just wanna play the islands at this point) Do one island at a time and don't forget to check the advertisements for cool threads to.
5. When your really sick of your look, look around at the other charecters, go to the varirious common rooms or buy something at the store but realisticly the store costumes suck!!! What they need to do is start doing like buy a personalized costume FOR NON-MEMEBERS so that like you can buy a "template" for idk 50-25 credits and design your own costume to save and name that you can share with friends. I mean come on!!! There should be SOME thing for non members!!! How about buying your own space in the closet? I could put up with that...
Guess what i found out? THE COSTUME SAVER IS GONE that's right, they took it out grrr this sucks
Your dissapointed blogger

One of The greatest Ideas in the History Of Ideas

I have had a idea breakthrough. Okay so almost everyone in the whole world knows by now that fossil fuels are bad for the enviroment and the world is running out of them right? Well, for a long time I've thought that wind power and hydroelectricty was one of the greatest renewable energy sources of all time, and it is. But there are downsides and enviromental issues with hydroelectricity because usually you will have a dam with generators inside that use the water to create electricity ( for more information on how the turbines and generators work click here). The enviromental issues are mainly these three things:
1. Loss of land
2. Salmon
3. Water temperture
When you build a dam, the river now has restricted flow. The river isn't a free flowing as it used to be. So it creates a resivior behind the dam. This floods areas around the river and can cause problems if people live there or for the aninmals that live right next to the river.
Salmon during breeding season swim upstream every year to the breeding grounds. When a dam is built they can no longer get up stream. New measures have been put into place to help though. They're "stairs". Imagine a set of stairs on each side of a dam. Then take away the railings, replace the wood with stone and let water rush by on it and there you go. Salmon stairs! (hehe!) cool huh? okay okay anyways...
Water temperture is another major problem. When the water exits the dam, it can be a few degress warmer. This might not seem like a problem but it results in a MAJOR problem. If the water on the other side of the dam becomes warmer than the water in the resivior, than it is warmer than what the ecosystem is used to. It might become too warm for various plants and fish that are sensitive to the water temperture. And therefore can even kill the fish and plants. The warmer water can even let other invasive plants thrive where they usually can't, killing even the plants that can tolerate the warmer water.
So as you can see, dams can create major issues. But hydroelectricity is effiecient. When i learned of these issues after watching a modern marvels, i've always thought "If only there was a way to take the dam OUT of the equation, and go back to the old water wheel thing to spin the generators" AND YOU CAN!!! I found out, reading that article that developing countries have small communities that have mircro and pico generators that generate small amounts of electricity for the small communities. Now you may say looking at the numbers of how much it generates in the article, "Yeah but it doesn't generate enough electricity!!!" OOOOO but it COULD!!! Look at the pictures and then look at the pictures of the generators in the dam! The developing countries don't have the resources and the big rivers and all of the scientists and engineers!!! BUT WE DO!!! I bet with some research and engeneering we COULD ACTUALLY do this on larger scales!!! And it would be better because you don't have to have a HUGE dam that cost thousands of dollars (and probably more than that) along with generators that cost alot to. It would just be more generators!!! You could spend the same amount of money and build more generators instead of a dam to house only 5 generators! Since you don't dam up the river, you could have multiple generators on each side of the river with pipes to them (and ofcourse filters so unsuspecting fish and plants don't get sucked into pipe of course :D)!!!! Be could build huge hydroelectric power plants! Instead of hydroelectric dams!!! AREN"T A BRILLIANT!!! I just hope that somebody doesn't have the same idea and has already built one. Well sorta, because if they have then that means that they're being more enviromently friendly and already have done it. But i sorta wish that's not true so that I can be the brilliant mind behind it but you know :D
Your BRILLAINT blogger,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Gross Nectarine Experince

Okay i had one on the grossest experiences ever. Now on a scale 1-10 of grossity it's probably a minor one but for some reason the littlest ones are the ones that actually gross me out more. Okay, so we have these nectarine trees that never really bear big fruit (if we even get any because we don't usually have enough chill for them). This year we've gotten tiny fruit which is the most you can ask of the trees where we live but anyways, my dad has been testing them from the different trees every week now or ever other day to see how ripe they are. Right now if you get just the right one, it'll be nicely ripe on the outside but next to the pit it'll be a bit green.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What's your hair type?

Okay so if you didn't know, my hair is like a pain. I mean, my mother says lots of people wish they had hair like mine because, it's shiny, it has a very light natural curl (so it's not that wavy type or spring or like curly curly it's just a very slight loop type curl) and it's thick and plentiful. Sounds great right? Wrong, I find my hair IMPOSSIBLE to syle in ANY way. First, my bangs will never straighten. Second, When i try to seperate my hair or whatever to braid or whatever. IT WILL NEVER SEPERATE!!! my other hair ALWAYS gets in the way and it won't relax. If you pulled up on a little lock on my head, you get about two times more than you bargined for and then when you try to take those tiny loose ends back with the rest and speperate, it drags half of the lock with it! And this isn't even tangled hair! This is throughly brushed with a hair brush, a lose hair brush AND a comb! So when dry, self styling impossible. I can't do anything with it. I have all this hair to pin up in elegant ways and I can't because my stupid hair won't let me, it's so frustrating. At some points i'm ready to rip the hair out of head i get so angry with it. No matter what i do it won't obey. If i try to style it damp, it drys that way and will never go back. I pinned my bangs at two places and it was never the same it was that way for FOUR YEARS. It wouldn't straighten out and always had this two curl thing that drove me nuts. And i would just get it damp, you know like a spray bottle? But i don't have one -.- Somebody got rid of my detangler spray bottle and I don't have another one. (grr) I know i can like buy one but try explaining that to my parents. It'll be another "No you don't need it" Okay then YOU can style my hair for the rest of my life. See how you like it without spray. And i would use the spray that i have but it's some weird stuff, not detangler spray it makes my hair like... stiff. I would say it's actual hair spray but it's not the same as hair spray either. I've been doing some reasearch trying to figure out what hair type i have but I cant. It seems i can't find a describtion exactly like mine. I mean, i think i have meduim or normal but it says it's easy to style (huh right!). All i know is i really need a hair cut/trim my split ends are like two inches long right now. And I need a bang solution, i want bangs but i want them out of my face! And i don't trust a hairstylist to cut them short, because they wet them which makes them longer so they shrink to short.  And when i don't get a regular trim they're always in my face, so that's not the solution. And long isn't exactly the solution either (UGGG) WHAT TO DO??? And i need more hair styles, but like i said, I can't braid, i can't seperate so i can't do ANYTHING with my hair. I'm tiered of the same old ponytail, it's really getting old.
Cuz seriously something is got to change i can't keep living like this it makes me SOO mad! I think it is easy to style because my dad and my mother can do it easily... but i can't. So it's either there's a problem with ME or it's just imposible to do by myself (as in hard to do my own hair because it's on my own head). I'm not sure if all of you will understand what i'm trying to say right now but oh well.
Your. (frustrated) blogger,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kung Fu Panda 3

I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 The other day and i gotta say, they better make a third one. I mean at the end we find out he's parents plus the village is alive elsewhere! They cann't just NOT make one now! I mean come on! What kind of people do that? And another thing you notice is that when they're on the boat and Po is talking about his parents, Tigress starts to say something but doesn't, I wondered if she was going to say something about her family but she doesn't and we don't find out by the end of the movie. I think they should do something about the furious five to for ideas for new movies. I mean really, in the village there's only rabbits, sheep, pigs, geese you know that sorta thing. You never see Monkeys, Cranes, Vipers, (or any other snakes) Manti (is that the plural for mantis?) and Tigers oh and make the bad guy a leporad this time or was Ti Lung a leporad? Anyways, the funniest part  about the second movie is when the get into the huge dragon pinata and "eat" the wolves IT IS SO HILLARIOUS! I almost wet my self i was laughing SO hard!:D
Your fav. Blogger,

Stupid Velocity

Okay so i was taking a quiz and i got this question wrong for a very stupid reason. Let me demonstrate

A train moves along a straight section of track at a velocity of 82 km/h east. A person walks toward the back of the train with a velocity of 2 km/h west. What is the velocity of the person relative to the ground?

Now, i read that and thought of a train and a man walking next to the train. Isn't that what you think of? if you don't hang on a minute...

So the answer should be 2km/h west right? Trick question! (this is for the people who see the same thing i do)

The answer they have is: 80km east

Two things about this answer is wrong, 1st of all, that isn't velocity in the first place! that's DISPLACEMENT not velocity! Because velocity is displacement over TIME, THEY FORGOT THE TIME UNIT (what idiots :P) Now besides that, i would have gotten the answer right but the thing is, they are assuming you understood that the person is ON the train! Now i understand that some peoples would understand it that way but for me? nah uh! You don't HAVE to be ON the train to be walking toward the back of the train, the guy is walking west and the train is moving east, so really no matter WHERE the guy is, he would be walking toward the back of the train. They never said the guy was ON the train they said the guy was walking toward the back of the train. See? See how that works? And really? Saying it's velocity when you end up putting the answers as displacement? That's just SO stupid! And if that's how you're supposed to answer questions like that, then it need to change. Now if you got the picture of a guy ON the train, lucky you, you don't think of the possibilities and take stuff for granted, pat ur self on the back or whatever. Anyways i'm going to send a note to my teacher on that one. I wouldn't be important if I had a A in science but i don't and it was a quiz so i'd rather have that one point back :D
Your fav. Blogger,

I GOT THE REPLY FROM MY TEACHER!!! And she said i was right! AWESOMENESS!!! I really can't believe that somebody else didn't point out the answer not being velocity thing before me! :D

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I just got back and i got my expander off and I can feel the roof and- STOP!!! JK!!! No, i ddin't get my expander off today, I have to wait another SIX weeks!!! -.- Oh well it is what it is right? Now i was doing some reasearch for my project which i will share with you guys tomorow when i'm done, and i found this article, very intresting. It's on Yahoo and it's about a woman who blogged about a new bonding activity that she and her four year old did... wear makeup. Intresting huh? I had a thought about this but i couldn't put my comment beacause it was Yahoo and i don't have a Yahoo and i don't want one so yeah.... anyways here's what i had to say:
 I understand both sides of this argument, I think that a four year old putting on pretend make-up and stuff is OK but real i have a bit of contradicting with. Now if this make-up is only worn inside the house like a rule "You can't wear it in public till ur (blah blah)" i think is sensible. If your going to allow a kid to wear a make up it should be natural not some fake stuff and no real dark or stand out colors such as no dark reds, no blue, purple or yellow. Wearing make up to school is a teen thing. And plz don't tell me ur kid hasn't ever felt pretty when she is having tea or playing dress up. Just because this child take a intrest in make-up doesn't mean bad parenting! And I agree also with having a more serious talk about it when the girl is grown up, i think she's handling the situation the right way.

You'll have to find the article to understand more but seriously, I don't think it's bad. Every little girl had played dress up and tea and had pretend make-up. Now usually when we're five and six for the make-up but we all grew out of it! And then we re-gain intrest when we're teens. And the kid isn't wearing foundation or lipstick or that stuff. I think it's ok. And this kid could just be one of the popular girls always worried about fashion, even those people have their place in this world. Or maybe she's getting a head start with her fashion designing carrier! :D Think on the positive not on the negitive. It's just one of those "Be like mommy"stages!
Your fav. Blogger,