Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bloggin' Assignment

Well first of all, it's summer (yea!). However, for me summer is always a bore with nothing to do. I think I'll blog about that later... Anyways, back on topic is that I am taking summer courses. A PE course and Communication Applications. NO it is not because I failed. It's because I want to get my required credits during the summer so I can free up more space to do more fun things during the real school year. Our elective choices are always awesome and I'd rather spend my time doing those then having to drag through a whole year of PE. The reason I bring this up though is that we have been assigned a Blogging Assignment. Me: ....O.o Now I'm just wondering if I can use my own blog! I hope so because I've already started doing it (hehehe) I really don't need to create another one. However, this assignment does require me to start keeping up with it again, so maybe this will be good for me! Well, bye for now! I plan on posting a discussion board topic I wrote a few weeks back.

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