Saturday, January 18, 2014

Long Time No See

Hey. So I guess I'm not really speaking to anyone of importance at this point. Haha. I haven't posted in so long there's no way that someone is still here checking on little old me. As usual I would like to start a new, although I've tried that many times. I guess I can try and fail again. Who knows.

So let's start with the updates.

Right. So now I'm a freshman! Yeah! School is a bit more fun now except it's stressing me out. I was part of the colorgaurd program, we made it to state as a second year band (first state year) So that's exciting. I even had a minor solo in the beginning. Now however, my only stress reliever was taken away on account low grades, even though I was one of the only ones not failing anything (parents choice) So that really sucks. But with colorgaurd gone from now, I'll need something to do with myself and perhaps restoring this dead website might just be it.

Ignore my other posts. Complete crap most of them. Your welcome to read them and laugh.

So my brother recently graduated from some therapy. (long story I won't delve into) Where as I, have been dragged into it and have not. (-.-) Because apparently I'm clinically depressed. Which also sucks.

Well that's about all the update I can come up with so I'll end this post till I find something more interesting to blab about.

Your Fav. Blogger,

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