Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dance Central

I'm awesome! I have this game called Dance Central and the highest rank is living legeand the  hardest song is Just Dance by Lady Gaga and if you did exceptional you get 5 golden stars (like it's a grade, F if you got one star or less, D if you got 2 stars, C if you get 3 stars, 4 stars is like a b and 5 stars is an A but 5 golden stars is an A+) And first of all I always get four stars or more on every song I do (becuase i'm awesome : )!) But a couple weeks ago I got living legend and so I was like, YEAH! But I'm not done. I played Just dance on hard(there is easy meduim and Hard) breakit down and I got 100%!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kenster's Advice: The Four Step Process to Acne

This process is about what anyone would suggest whether it's product brand, most all people-who-make-acne-treatment-stuffs have these four basic things. It's fairly universal. If you don't have serious acne, you don't need brands, just one of each. Basic Principal: Kill your acne when it gets there and DON'T let it fester like mine because then you really will need stronger stuff which equals more money. Time=money people!