Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being Different

Okay so alot of peoples lately have been saying I'm different....I take NO offense to that!!! :D I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT!!! Different is my specialty!!! I live out side the box, i mean seriously living inside a box is boring, EXPRESS YOUR WIERDNESS YOUR WIERDNESS IS YOUR AWESOMENESS!!! :D "I'm crazy nice to meet you" Okay so that was random... oh well!!! mmmmm is there anything I wanted to say? OH YEAH!!! Me and my friend (we call her Gummie) Gummie made a lvl. on Little big planet go check it out!!! It's called the Art Muesum of Randomness!!! :D It still needs some touch ups but it's description is cool! You should check it out...and if you don't have the games LIttle big planet 2 and little big planet 1.......SOMETHING IS MAJORLY WRONG WITH YOU!!! Because seriously persons, this games is awesome! (oh btw, perosns is singular, peoples is plural get it right! :D)
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Friday, January 27, 2012


I've made up some cool quotes in the past so I decided to share some with you, feel free to share yours in a comment below!!!
"It's not hard to think outside the box when you don't live in one" ~Kenster
"Your wierdness is what makes you human not some carbon copy wannabe that follows the leader, step out and express your wierdness" ~Kenster
"The day might be perfect but we always think of something more, but noble and free there is nothing more to want"~Kenster
And i don't know who made this one but it's hillarious: "I'm not clumsy it's just that the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies and the wall gets in the way"
Another unknown one but it's really cool: "I am female, Fe=Iron, Male=Man, Therefore, I am Ironman!"
"If what you are, is a stange you. Doesn't mean you should change you, Only means you should change your point of view" Princess and The Pauper movie song lyric from "The Cat's Meow"
"The difference between Life and School is: School gives you lesssons and then gives you a test, Life gives you a test and then gives you lessons" Unknown
"If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel" LOL RIGHT??? I don't know who made this one either though
"If oppurtunity doesn't knock, build a door"  Milton Berle
"Use your smile to change the world, but don't let the world change your smile" unknown
"Seniors- I'm speeding because i have to get where i'm going before i forget where i'm going"~Unknown
"Sometimes you have to give up on people, not because you don't care but because they don't"~Unknown
"When i was five years old my mother told me that happyneiss what the key to life, so when i went to school and they asked me what i wanted to be in life is wrote down 'Happy' they said i didn't understand the assignment, I told them they didn't understand life"~John Lennon
"Trust is like a piece of paper, once it's crumpled, it can never be perfect"~unknown

(all these unknown are because these statments come in pictures that don't have names on them, it is not nessisairly because there isn't a name out there that has it, if you do find the creators of these quotes then comment who they are below)
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Spacers Suck!

Okay so if you didn't know, my teeth are just jacked up. I have cross bite and over jet (a more serious case of over bite) and my pallet is real narrow, in face the roof of my mouth is about the size of my thumb. AND i have this problem that apparently is a tait in my family that we don't have replacement teeth for our two bottom first molars And this means:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kay well here's a shout out to Maizine (did i get that right?) and Kesli,
Yes, ripping paper does make one feel better doesn't it? :D I've done it before! As for the laughs, they're always free with no extra charge :D
Kesli, Wish you a bunch of luck with your new website I noticed a lot of dot dot dots :D! Just be yourself and be wierd! I'd luv to check it out also when you do publish it!

NOW!!! Here's an origonal quote from none other than the awesome me!!! :D (i'm a little full of my self today i know but I happy persons, no two peoples comemented on my blog that makes me very happy)

"Your wierdness is what makes you human not some carbon copy wannabe that follows the leader, step out and express your wierdness" ~Kenster
 "Without your wierdness you wouldn't have your indivsualality and without your indivisuality... you wouldn't be human"~Kenster
:D Hope you liked them!!! I got to get back to math (BLEH) though reflections are not hard!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kenster's Weekly Advice: To Better Days

Alright so we all have our days right? But what do we do when we're feeling down? Me personaly when I feel like the world is ending I take a nap somehow that help sometimes but when your just sad overall what is something you can do?

Monday, January 16, 2012


AWESOME ALRIGHT I WANT YOU TO KNOW: We have gotten over 1,000 page views in all history officaily! AWESOMENESS!!! BUT STILL NO FREAKIN COMMENT HOW!?!?! I get lots of people on the website and yet. . .


Okay I'm in a sad mood everyone finds my website by accident and they don't stay to comment or read :( I need some sort of idea to raise this website out of the grave! :"( my website is dying and I sad, only people that check regularly would be my good faithful and loyal friends I mean you KNOW you got friends when they check your website like everyday! So to give some gratitude I would like to recomend you to their website's also:

Me and Lincon's shoe

I don't know if I've told you this or not but last year me and my family went to washington DC and all I wanted was to go see the monuments but in particular Lincon and suddenly it hit me. I WANTED A PICTURE OF (drumroll please! :D ) Me and Lincon's shoe! I thought that would make a GREAT picture! So FINALLY momnument day (meaning all day we were gonna walk around and see the monuments) rolled around and we FINALLY got to the Lincon memorail and. . . . . ...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Short story: Puffin Peak!

 Again I was talking about posting my writing so here's a short story I made I know I know when we here short story we think of the TAKS test and all those benchmarks and any of those state tests that goes ALL DAY LONG!!! But i think this one is better than most so go ahead and read it plz! If it's not your favorite don't be afraid to say so because on this website you won't be shamed for your personal opinions because opinions rock! :D

My editorial: Requirement to Learn Spanish Should Be Dropped!

Hey Guys okay I said that I would post some of my writing from school so here's my editioral I am real proud of it! comment plz plz plz!

My new year resolution

I know I know i'm posting like crazy but that's because I haven't been on for so long! So i'm trying to catch up. Wait a minute. . . .. . . . ..

Ghost Island

Okay so now days poptropica makes new islands every month like crazy but they've gotten this memeber thing which I'm really upset about every website has some sort of memebership thing and it's not fair for those who can't pay and kids whose parents don't let them pay for that sort of thing! (and geez i'm typing really fast right now and my hands are getting tired but this is good practice for me so yeah) But I am really exicted about Ghost island and I did the demo and when Fiona said "Are you looking for some one?" ??????? IT SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!!! Because I was so focused on finding the widow with the telescope and poptopica never used to have sound. Now musical stuff has gotten sound but you know like the flute in mythology but peoples voices in poptropica HAVE NEVER HAD SOUND!!! I LITTERLY KID YOU NOT looked around the room to make sure nobody was there IT SO FREAKED ME OUT AND I LOVED IT!!!! Crazy huh? But you know I am crazy so doesn't matter to me! :) Anyways! I'm gonna finish my online school before 12 (when the new island comes out) Then go play the poptopica island then I'm gonna watch a movie in our live lesson room with my friends and finally do something productive till my friends come back to school and roleplay and talk to them! :) There's something about only having to do three things everyday that makes you not wanna work at all! :D I hate math
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New year!!!

It's a new year! And every year at midnight me and my brother get to tast champane and YUCK IT"S DISGUSTING!!! I don't know how adults can stand alchol it's disgusting! So i take a tiny sip and that's it for me but this year we did something a little different. WE ACTUALLY DID NEW YEAR RESOULUTIONS!!!! For my family that's wierd because we've never done them! Crazy I know but it's true. At least I"VE never done them. One of my dad's is to be productive three nights a week UGGG And i have nothing to do to be productive so those nights I just lay around being bored mostly. And then when we finally DID watch TV like we usually do in the evenings? WE WATCHED A SHOW ABOUT ANTS really? No thanks! And then we watched an episode of Galactica! No thanks either but you know It was they're turn to watch they had actually done something productive and my dad was working on my loft posts so I guess it was a small price to pay :) OH BTW I"M GETTING A LOFT IN MY ROOM EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!! :D
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