Kenster's Arcade

Okay so i wanted to actually put the games on here but I don't think you can sadly :-/ so instead here's a top list of cool games to totally check out if your bored.

1. Family Barn-This is a daily type game and it's fun for a quick 5-10 minute break everyday thing.
2. Resort World- Another daily game. Again this is good for a quick 5-10 minute stop by
3. Plantasia- this is an actual computer game you actually have to buy, not a internet game. But it really is a fun game. A little tip is don't be worried to spend the mana, the more flowers you have the quicker you'll get the mana you need to restore the statues
4. Wedding dash- I've really had ALOT of fun with this game. Sadly I got really far and then lost my copy :( (grr) This again is another buy game but it's so good. This is from the creators of dinner dash, so check it out.
5. Shopping Street- This is an internet game and I don't know what other sites have it but Girls Go Games does. (the link is down there with the other links)
6. Poptropica- Totally rocking game. You can dress up you poptropican and any outfit you get from people on the island you can save in the costume saver that you get at the store. Recent changes has well brought changes and unless your a memeber, they're not exactly good. Now islands have a bonus quest that you get another 25 credits for, meaning you only get 50 credits for completing the island now. Which i find to be a real pain in the rear. A new feature is hopefully comming soon, a closet that you can save TONS of oufits in, intead of just the mirror. I really hope that it will come out for everyone, not just members. Because i've saved up like 600 credits just in case to get it.

More games will be added all the time, have a suggestion? Comment about it below! These aren't in chronological order of most awesome to least awesome just so you know. Be sure to try these games!

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  1. Okay so you can't? Grr. I wanted to do the same thing.