Friday, April 8, 2011


Dear, . . . . Internet people

I'm really sorry I haven't posted a blog in such a long time! I've been SO busy and well, I've gotten locked out of my computer so I have to ask for my parents to unlock it so I can do stuff on it and I didn't want them to have access to my personal stuff and not me so I've kinda stayed out of those areas that they could also lock up. My computer is still locked but I decided to take a risk. I didn't want you people to think I was DEAD or something so yeah I'm alive. But know I'm really bored and don't have much to do. But great news I'm finally became a normal kid; I want school to be over! This is partly becuase I'm tired of homework and mainly becuase I am going to a homeschool online! It's called K-12 AWESOME! NOW I won't have to deal with the freaks, dorks and idiotic boys all day AND I could go to school in my pjs or be playing games, eating lunch or even just being on my website and STILL be at school! And becuase I go at my own pace, I could probably get done before public school gets off! HAH! And even though I'm home, I still have field trips with other kids from k-12 in the area occasionally! All I can say is that it is really supper awesome and cool!
Your fav. Blogger,