Monday, September 27, 2010


About that comment from science: You really have a great idea, I thank you for the help, and you're right, I'm can get bossy sometimes. You sound like you have been in the same situation yourself.
Your fav. Blogger,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


hey I had the perfect idea, each month I'll have contests The winner will get to post there own blog for everone to see you can write about any thing you want, a poem, a song something at school, a story you wrote, Your crush(please just find someway to make that instesting I mean seriously who want to read about that? YUCK!)what ever you want and it will stay there forever and will never be earased. But you have to win first!
This month's contest will be a riddle contest, whoever comes up with the answer first is the winner here's the riddle:
I usually sit on a throne of eatible while
I come in all diferent colors
You can put any thing sweet on me
and everyone scoops me up
What am I?

The First person to answer correctly wins! But don't forget to inclued what you would want to post if you won and a name to call you by weather it's your real name, a goofy fake name or a name you really like.
Good luck to all that compete!
Your fav. Blogger,


science was a disater! The lab we did was more stressful than fun. But that's becuase my group played around a little. I can't start pointing fingers becuase we all contrubuted to it. first two friend always goof around but it isn't so bad but it didn't help much that i get sucked into their conversation as well but when I try to get on task, they still goof around. and our time keeper didn't do anything okay so she did start school with us last week but come on! She is really shy and all she did was watch us and she knows what to do, she's not an idoit, I try to include her and I know I sound mad but I'm actual kind of worried I don't think she's adjusting well, but I don't know how to help. Every class she sits right next to me besides language arts what do I do? You people are reading this, PLEASE give me some suggestions and if I hurt anyone's feelings don't be angry at me, I always come up with a reason why It's all my fault, and everytime I have friend problems I get really upset and shaken and get mad easlily, yell when I don't mean to, act more bossy than usual, say things I don't mean to, and recently I've started clenching my fist so tight it digs into my palm so bad and leaves a mark, And i do it so I don't yell mean things becuase I'm trying to get togo award this year and so everytime I do something I'm not supposed to by not paying attention or being carfull with my attitude and temper I think i doomed and blah blah blah so. . . . . . . the following content may be frightnining to the elderly, wimpy people popular kids and fashion finascos I'm sorry if I'm to lazy to give color to my writing [Get used to it!]and do not press the "more about it please" button with something in your mouth
Allright, I that probably wasn't as bad as you thought but sometimes people make a big deal out of stuff and it's like come on, REALLY? and I know I'm probably just being lame and stupid right now and make fun of me if you want but I don't really care so you know, WHATEV!
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Poptropica is way asomely cool. Though thier new island, Steam Works is hard, those stupid plants are really hard to beat! ARG well wish me luck, I hopefully will be able to beat it this time WATCH OUT YOU VIRTUAL PLANTS I"M COMING TO GET YOU!
Your Fav. Blogger,
Now they have a new island called Mystey train island and it's DETECTIVE WORK and they said it was going to be out to the public now BUT IT" NOT OPEN WHAAA! Sorry I love logic puzzles and stuff and I'm really egar for this particular one to come out. Becuase it shall be FUN! I had my birthday party with my acual parents yesterday (about two months after my birthday : ( but i didn't mind, what am i going to be for halloween, getting off topic SORRY!) the theme was hollywood I made the street signs hollywood bl and Vine st. and made pink stars and taped them to the floor for my guests to sign like the walk of fame and then on the long banister I taped up my own HOLLYWOOD sign! I spent all day making decration and setting up the one's we had bought from pary city. The party was awesome!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That ac kid

 You know that ac kid I told you about? Well apparently during football practice
or maybe it was a game, i don't know, he took off his helmet and his team and coach shaved his head almost bold! That is so mean! (Even though this kid is one of the most annoying people on the planet) But what ever and guess what?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Dear Emily,
You really checked out my website, thanks! You're a great friend, no one else posted any comments. . . . . . I'm glad you like it!
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Today was a day of success,