Monday, March 26, 2012

Key Of Awesome

Okay if u haven't heard of Key of awesome you need to go check them out on youtube because they are the key of awesome! They do tons of stuff including a "reality" show of the studio called "Barely Guys" they do music videos with backround and "The Key of Unplugged" Plus they do comments stuff so go look them up on youtube.
My favorite parodies by them:
Lady gaga and lord gaga: A bad romance parody that is rockin awesome
Ke$ha parodies: They are hillarious
Annnnnnnnnnnd.... can't remember the other now (Lolz)
Anyways put your fav parody below!!!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

What's your goal?

Everyone (okay not everyone but most people) Have a goal that they want to accomplish in life. So what's yours? Why? Mine? My goal is to change the world and make people listen. Get my thoughts heard. It's always been a goal of mine, and i think this blog is a good start. I'm amazed how a set of words can make you think hard about things and make people want to change. In social studies I read about some woman named... something Barbra i think? Who was the first Women Texas representative in Congress or some elected official. And she said this short speech about how the Constitution says "We the people" And she felt as if she'd never been included and now she did. I think that statement is really strong because it was true. In her time, segregation still existed. I thought those were some very powerful words and i admire that. When i think of slavery and the segregation, and women's rights and suffrage, i always think of how the Constitution says "Let every man be equal" And yet, not everyone WAS equal. And she really put that thought into a great speech.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hobby anybody?

Okay so since we go to school online me and my brother rarely get out anymore so we have to get a hobby. I had a couple ideas:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Opinions on often debated topics

Okay so remember when i posted my editorial? Well our teacher gave us some suggestions and there was a lot of them, some of them i answered to get some brief ideas of what i would say if i made them into my editiorial and i saved them deciding at some point i'd blog about them, so here there are! Enjoy!

Overprotected kids

I wasnt' sure what to call this one, it was really just something that popped into my head that i wanted to share but anyways! Here it is:

Kids are to overprotected today, I bet if kids were exposed to things early and then warned, they wouldn’t be curious and get in to trouble later.  But you can’t warn them constantly. I mean when you hound kids to much about something they just stop listening. I mean, the drug week thing? It’s okay to do that you know every once in a while but when you always hear “Smoking is bad for you don’t do it blah blah blah” you know they start thinking “If it’s that bad I wanna know what it’s like” Or “Bad? That’s cool” Or even “you know they hound me so much about this maybe smoking isn’t all that bad” Or “This is just overprotective parenting and they’re making a big deal out of nothing” Other times when you tell kids specifically NOT to do something, out of curiosity they’ll wonder what your hiding and they’ll go find out and do it anyways.  It's just kinda how it is. And parents may say "I don't need you telling me how to raise my kid" But you know, i think a kid is the best way to figure out how to parent. Knowing how they feel about things may help parents understand their kid, because i don't know but for some reason it's like... weird to be spilling out every detail about your life to your parents... i don't know how to explain it anybetter but you know what i'm talking about right? Kids don't like to be open about everything to their parents, (and i TOTALLY understand this). And i'm sure being a parent sometimes isn't easy but you know. If they don't know what's going on, they can't help. But i find that sometimes, we don't tell because we don't want their help. Which is hard to except for some parents i think but that's just how it is... wow i'm probably really boring right now...
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Justin Bieber

Who hates justin bieber? Raise your hand.... two million... three million... (i'm counting) HAHAHA okay anyways, i don't exactly like Justin Bieber
1.)He looks like a girl
2.)He sings like one
3.)His songs suck
Sorrry but that's my opinion. Okay, yes he's talented at being able to play those instruments i'll give you beiber fans that. I mean that is amazing i'll admit. BUT there are others out there who can do the same thing to, he's just the one who got discovered. And i was asking one of my friends (who is a Justin Bieber fan) To tell me about him and why she likes him. She said that he's talented and can reach highnotes that other male singers could only wish to reach. Uh YEAH cuz those are notes that are usually sung by GIRLS. That's why he sounds like a girl! His songs suck they really don't do any justice to his playing talents. I mean seriously! Also, little shout out to him,: All your fans are girls, and most of them like you cuz they think your hot (gag me now) so why don't you just get a job as a supermodel for Hans underwear so they can watch the commercials on youtube over and over and stare at you all day while the rest of us get peace for our ears. There are few that like you because of your music... okay let me take that back that's probably not true... but i'm sure it is, We all have different tastes and i just don't like Justin Bieber sorry. But Justin Bieber's fans are mostly girls, his audience is love struck girls i'm just saying. And he shouldn't be dating Selena Gomez, Selena there are better guys out there!!! Plz do yourself some justice and dump him (wich i'm sure now that i'm saying something already happened months ago, oh well) and your way older than him! ok? If you would like to trash talk me about how "Justin Bieber is the best" Then go ahead, but opinions are valued, and if you can't value my opinion, then i'm glad you hate my site, this is a place where opinions are respected no matter what they are
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Another reason i hate you is because your torchering my friend with you singing toothbrushes. She got one from her grandparents that her mom is forcing her to use, and she has to lisen to your song everydasy while brushing her teeth, and if her mom doesn't hear the song, she makes her brush again. Seriously that sucks.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celeberties and Punishments

Some people believe that celebrities should have harsher punishments for things. So that if they let’s say… uh… stole a ring, they would get 2 years in jail instead of 1 (we are assuming of course that a regular average everyday person would be one year and jail). Most of this is because they are saying that they are the role models for kids these days and that means they’ll follow in their footsteps. THAT”S DEMENTED as you can tell I got a couple things to say ‘bout that. First, they’re regular people just like you. Maybe you shouldn’t let them be their role model and If you don’t approve of them then protect your kid like you do with everything. And maybe you should parent better and have better control over your kid(s) Plus, even celebrities that are considered kid friendly can turn out to do something that makes people get all in a bunch about. Fame goes to people’s heads, and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem. And maybe you should make sure that your kid understands the consequences and how you shouldn’t do it and blah blah blah! And you know, it’s really not their fault, I know your like. “What the world are you talking about?” Okay well first, most pop stars are in their teens which is a time period in today’s society that people do crazy things! I’m sure that anybody that had a life did the same sort of things in their day. AND you know what? Everyday people do the same thing ALL THE TIME!!! But it’s not a big deal because nobody know about right? I mean, if you let’s say smoked pot, you wouldn’t be telling most people now would you? EXACTLY!  The celebrities (well most of them anyways) don’t go off telling everybody about it, it’s the press. They spill all the details about every single celebrity. If It weren’t for them, this kind of information wouldn’t be getting out to your kids! So blame them. Besides, the press really needs to stay out of people’s bis wax, seriously.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New dog!

Okay, i forgot to tell you i got a new dog! She's a red beagle, her name was sophie but she wasn't registered and she wouldn't respond to sophie so we were able to rename her. Except now my dad named her Darwin. I'm sorry but i hate the name. It's not even a girl name! I mean seriously! She does have some problems but she's two years old and is sooo cute. Her tail is a bit odd, it's curvy isntead of straight like beagles are supposed to. Oh well i guess, i really wanted a lab but my dad thinks they're just to big. But when i saw Sophie i really felt bad for her, because apparently people don't like the lemon and red beagles all that much. Wich i totally do not understand. They're ADORABLE!!! Darwin's snout has like little dots of red so it looks like she has freckles, SO CUTE!!!
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Monday, March 5, 2012


No this post is not about the movie it's about my hair right now... it's tangled. MAJORLY tangled. My ponytail holder? IS STUCK IN MY HAIR!!! Because it's all tangled and it one big huge ratsnest! I even CUT the ponytail and yet it's STILL stuck!!! My hair is like tied on! And there's so much of it tangled i can't even tell what to do to un tangle it at this point! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG *scream * I tried to condition it (because like my shampoo is a two in one thing) and it didn't work squat! It's still majorly tangled and i'm not sure what to do at this point besides cut it WHICH I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DON"T WANNA DO!!!! I've been growing my hair out for like three years now and i REALLY don't wanna cut it off! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO FREAKIN DO???? I mean, i've had some pretty tangled hair before but nothing like this, it's really knotted. This weekend we went swimming at the Great Wolf Lodge and so i put my hair up and swam all day and then i didn't take my pony out when i got home because well... it was kinda stuck but i didn't think much about it intill now. So i slept in it and now it's stuck. This is not going well i'm so mad right now. I really don't want to cut my hair!!!
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I GOT IT I FINALLY GOT IT i finally got the pony tail holder out of my hair.... but now i still have to de tangle everything... UG