Thursday, February 27, 2014


If it wasn't obvious from the title, your favorite blogger, is being shipped. And usually people get shipped because of Somme obvious reasons, right? Nope. It's...
-not that I, a.) have a boyfriend
-or b.) have been kissed
-not to mention c.) ever gotten a love letter period, much less from this guy I'm being shipped with
- I don't d.) have a serious crush on him nor does he have a crush on me (although my friend seems to think so. Yeah. Whatever)
- not even e.) really good friends

The reason is none of the above. Instead,
 I barely even know him. Yes. I'm f.) being shipped with an almost complete stranger. Notice that this is choice "F" a choice that shouldn't exist. it stands for "Fail". This is the fail choice.
I talk to my classmate ONCE while leaving school and my friend automatically decides we're destined to be. -.- <-- (emoticom for the "I'm so not amused face"). So first my friend decides on the shipping name "--kenick". ....YEEEAAAH.... No. Just, no. Then she decides that apparently I'm no longer female or male and am now a new gender. Yes, people of America! Kenster is now a NEW GENDER! She then continues urging me on, saying "Stop being a Kenster and start being a woman! W-O-M-A-N! Grow a pair and ask him out"
Me: I barely even know the guy!
Her: but you like him?
Me: yes... I mean no... I mean.. Sort of? IDK
Her: then go ask him out! Be a WOMAN
Me:(horrified face) NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, no.
Her: you know what? Your not allowed to talk to me intill your going out with him
Me: -.- ok

And that was basically the gist of the conversation. Therefore, I have apparently lost a friend from now till the end of time. There is no way we will EVER go out. For a few reasons.
1.) I thought at one point we'd be good friends eventually but then he started avoiding me. At least I think he is. And I'm not sure why. I'm guessing it's probably something I've done but when I think about it, he never acted mad at me he just... Stopped talking to me :( I just wish I knew why!
2.) I have a stalker in this class. And to justify it, ITS NOT JUST ME! Even the guys at my table know he's trying to hit on me except he epically fails because he doesn't even speak to me IF YOUR GOING TO MAKE THE TRIP ALL THE WAY ACROS THE CLASSROM TO STALK ME THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS AKNOWLEDGE MY PRESSANCE (mostly so I can stand up and burst out how much I hate you acting so creepy but... STILL! He has the nerve to come to my table for no other reason but to be near me and then does nothing but comment on how nice my crappy headphone are!!!!! OMG I HATE HIM!)
3.) The class we're in only lasts three weeks. Deadline? Tomarrow. we're not even on a TALKING basis! Not going to happen.

Blah blah blah
Your Fav. Blogger,

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