Thursday, February 27, 2014


If it wasn't obvious from the title, your favorite blogger, is being shipped. And usually people get shipped because of Somme obvious reasons, right? Nope. It's...
-not that I, a.) have a boyfriend
-or b.) have been kissed
-not to mention c.) ever gotten a love letter period, much less from this guy I'm being shipped with
- I don't d.) have a serious crush on him nor does he have a crush on me (although my friend seems to think so. Yeah. Whatever)
- not even e.) really good friends

The reason is none of the above. Instead,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Audio Media

I have even recently become addicted to a podcast called "Welcome To Night Vale". I find the fact that I can follow along a rare occurrence. Audio books, for example, are awful. I can never follow along. When I listen to them I have an unfulfilled itch for the familiar textured feel, the smell of pages bound in glue. Books are meant to be read. Not listened to. Personally, I think Audio Books are  used by lazy people or in the car when you should be listening to the radio. It's a bit biased of me, but I have ways. In my ways, the perfect time to listen to the radio is in the car. Not in your bedroom, not with friend or playing while you relax in your brand-new hottub, in the car. I hate the uncomftable silence of a car. It needs the background sound of a radio station, there's no way to get around that. Now, listening to an audio book while you read along is a bit different. I geuss I get that. But audio books usually have such a monotone, annoying voice that I really can't stand them.

Another popular form of audio media, as mention earlier, is the radio. Now, to me, the main purpose of the radio has always been for music. I have never really used it for news although everytime we're in the car, my mom sets it to the public radio (snore). Sometimes there are intresting articles but like audio books, I find it hard to follow along. In the mornings, last year I'd turn on my favorite pop radio station but it'd always be their annoying talk show that just gave me a headache. They were talkng all about the latest celeberity gossip when really, all I wanted was a few musical tunes to get dressed, eat my breakfast and brush my teeth to. Instead I had to listen to thier annoying voices yap about things that nobody really cares about. So eventually I just shut it off. I've learned my lesson on that one.

The next audio media I can think of is the podcast. I personally have no had a lot of experince wih podcasts. But, I'll admit, without doing my research, I used to think they were stupid, like most forms of audio media. The truth is, I've found a really delightful, enjoyable show called "Welcome To Night Vale" as I mentioned earlier. So, I have to eat my words on that one. I would do some podcast research and see all about it but once a start a series of something I have to listen, watch or read it in order to the end so I will have to wait t l I finish Night Vale to check out the others. However, I am very curious about what could possibly be out there.

In genera, I've never seen the use of audio media for there are very few audio learners out there and all the commercials are really annoying. However, I really like music and my favorite new podcasts so I will admit it is not completely useless. Instead, it is very useful, unless your are a pessimist like me who doesn't like to admit they were wrong. :P

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day Bekah's List

I'd like to make it known that I am not a big fan of Valentines day. In fact I usually refuse to call it Valentines. Instead it is Valentimes. Yes I know it's silly. I do not care. I just like the m in there better. It just... Is. Anyways, for thoose who didn't know, the original "Valentines" can be dated back to a two week festive in roman times celebrating the goddess Venus (It's Aphrodite get it right you stupid Romans. I'm sorry, personal issues here). They would take a virgin cow and all the single men would take a strip of it's hide. Then, they proceeded to leave a Valentine or mark on the single woman they fancied. Yes, the original valentine was a mark of a virgin cows BLOOD. Ew.
Anyways, I have this quirky fun friend named Bekah. This year, Bekah wrote a few notes about why she doesn't like Valentines. Here it is:

1.) Valentines day is over rated. But...... I do like chocolate. Especially marked down chocolate on the 15th.  It's nice. Not as nice as a dozen roses, a giant teddy bear that love you, and a large heart shaped box of caramels and cremes from a cute boy...... But still nice. I guess.

2.) Roses are red, violets are blue. Cupid is stupid, and so are you.

3.) Single Awareness Day is a great example of putting a positive spin on things. Even if it still spells "SAD"....

4.) Fat Naked Flying Babies with Weapons are creepy anyways...

5.) Don't give children weapons they say.... Then they dedicate an entire day to a Naked Child with a mind altering Bow and Arrow. 

6.) In Japan, people who don't get anything on Valentines day get a free meal. I wish I lived in Japan.....

7.) Also in Japan, a girl is supposed to give to every guy in her life, and a month later the guys must give the girls chocolate three time the value if the original gift. Again, I want to be Japanese.

8.) Roses are red ( and white and pink and peach and yellow) and violets are blue (or...yuh know... Violet) and valentines day is great!(unless you are single, or allergic to chocolate)

9.) Love is just a dirty trick played on us to ensure the continuation of the species.

10.) Why don't we all get tickets at a Chinese theatre, and make sure to get odd numbered seats. The even couples would watch the movie alone!

11.)Table for one. Money to buy As much food as you want OR table for two, and sweating about the bill.
So there you have it. 11 reasons to dislike Valentines... Well technically I think #10 is just something evil to do but whatever.
She made this list of course, one block before her crush gave her a Valeo-gram asking her out...
The irony is not lost on me.
I always dress up for Valentines day because it's just an exuse to look nice :) but what I really wanted for valentines was a tub of Hershey's frosting... Mmm they way to my heart is through my stomach ;P I'm going to get fat eating to my heart's content some day. Hahaha. Anyways, hope you enjoyed my friend's Valentines list!
Blah blah blah, Your fav. Blogger,