Friday, January 27, 2012

Spacers Suck!

Okay so if you didn't know, my teeth are just jacked up. I have cross bite and over jet (a more serious case of over bite) and my pallet is real narrow, in face the roof of my mouth is about the size of my thumb. AND i have this problem that apparently is a tait in my family that we don't have replacement teeth for our two bottom first molars And this means:

2.) Invisaline
3.) Dentures
That sucks big time, though invisaline instead of braces is freakin awesome!!! Which I've already told you about :D but what they're gonna do is they are gonna put in the expander then the invisaline then when my molars that don't have replacements fall out I'll have to get something for those spaces. The orthadonic said that he didn't want to move my other teeth behind it up because it doesn't work very well. What would be an option is to keep those teeth in there but they don't have good roots so they won't last. Yesterday I got my spacers put in, they're little rubber band sorta things that they expand with a tool, "floss" in between the two teeth they need to expand and the let go. The spacer then compacts back to the little disc and your left with a big pain in your mouth. :\ not pleasent. The only GOOD thing about spacers and orthadonics is it gives you an excuse to have ice cream. In fact did you know that the reason Spacers start with an S is because it's deffinition is Sucks because they do. I have four spacers, they're this light blue and i have one on either side of my top... second molar? I think it's second molar. When they put them in you'll have some initial OW and depending how tight your teeth are it'll be OWOWOW then the pain will kinda numb down except when you close your jaw or press on them. Then you'll have icecream later and be happy.... then you wake up the next day and try to eat your breakfast without you molars!!! Trust me it's hard! I ended up having to like press the food to my front teeth with my tounge!!! JEEZ IT HURTS TO CHEW!!! You know it's hard to enjoy your favorite hobby (eating) when you got spacers. I mean, it's not to bad but when I press on them in hurts... a lot! And it's really one side of my mouth, well it's both sides but the last spacer she put in hurts the most, it was the tighest space. The tooth behind that spacer is still comming in and it's kinda close so yeah it hurts. Well next week they'll get a mold of my mouth then the next week I get a metal box in my mouth and a key to turn it with YIKES!!! Expander will NOT be fun I know that! I can only imagine how wierd it'll feel with a metal box in my mouth... it gonna feel wierd and I gonna talk funny, already I'm talking strange but you know whatev! it hurts to even press with my tounge on the teeth with the spacers jeez! *sigh/groan* At least I'm getting invisaline the worst part is yet to come but it's one step closer to being over. I wonder how long I'll have a metal box in my mouth.....huh.... I'll have to look that up sometime I'm a little curious now. The good thing though, is that I'm having Braces in Paridise (well invisaline but that's they're motto "Braces in Paradise") I have Island orthadonics and i love them already, I mean seriously they are aweosme. I never have to wait, they are like ALWAYS ready to do my stuff the moment I get there and they play music kids listen to and the densit chairs have a set of head phones that go to the TV where they play a movie, and one you actually wanna see :D and they have a laid back attitude I mean they are awesome! What was funny is I was wearing the t-shirt I got the first time we were there when we went yesterday :D Sure, orthadonics are no peacefull sorta thing but they make the best of it :) but yes spacers suck
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P.S- it hurts to swallow!!!! WHAAA!!! gr

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  1. Heres an update: i am now in my second week of my expander wow time flys it actually itdoesnt hurt vey much but it is sore at times... ill explian my experince in more detail l8r