Monday, January 16, 2012


Okay I'm in a sad mood everyone finds my website by accident and they don't stay to comment or read :( I need some sort of idea to raise this website out of the grave! :"( my website is dying and I sad, only people that check regularly would be my good faithful and loyal friends I mean you KNOW you got friends when they check your website like everyday! So to give some gratitude I would like to recomend you to their website's also:

And that's that. . . . .they are true friends for checking my websites and I'm sure I don't check they're websites as much as they do mine but btw key YOU NEED TO POST MORE (she hasn't posted in a while) But Kegan has taken her website up and beyond considering look at what she has on it so I'm proud to be her . . . .. (okay now I can't say best friend here because to her ash is but to me she's my best friend so i'm gonna say it anyway) Best friend! :D But seriously COMMENT!!! COMMENT COMENT!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ ALSO follow me on my fav gaming website: My user name is Kenna-blah-blah (no duh!) :P My fav games would be the following. . .. .
Good game fashion
Family Barn
Resort world (this game is pretty awesome)

The only downside thing is that these are like all day games because they're construction takes not minutes or seconds it takes hours so it's a commitment game but it still rocks either way! :D I NEED LVL 13 ON GGF (aka goodgame fashion!)
\Check this stuff out and COMMENT PLZ I CAN"T BEG YOU ENOUGH!!!
Your fav. Blogger,

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  1. hi um im your first commenter!! yay? Um i love this website so far even though i just found out about it 2day and umm my name is kelsi and my couz and me are realising a new website also but we did not publish it yet.... um yah so.... nice website and comment ya around...