Monday, January 16, 2012


AWESOME ALRIGHT I WANT YOU TO KNOW: We have gotten over 1,000 page views in all history officaily! AWESOMENESS!!! BUT STILL NO FREAKIN COMMENT HOW!?!?! I get lots of people on the website and yet. . .
THEY DON"T COMMENT GRRRRRRRR BUT I"M STILL HAPPY but really i need people to comment! COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! PLZ I'm begging you down on my knees you don't know how much it means to me to see someone's comments!!! It means that someone has taken the time to regonize my website think about this: If you wrote something, achomplished something made something do you want 20 people to see it? Or 200? Me it's 200 and above! And the only way I know that people are ACTUALLY looking and reading what I post is when you click "more about it please!" or you comment! This is some serious chiz! PLZ comment you HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY it makes me to see another comment show up even if it's like "You totally suck" (but please don't do that it just makes me depressed and sad) PLEASE!!!! COMENT!!! It's the only way this website is gonna get ANYWHERE! YOUR OPINIONS ARE VALUED AND RESPECTED ON THIS WEBSITE THIS IS WHAT THIS WEBSITE IS ALLLL ABOUT!!!!
Your fav. Blogger,

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