Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ghost Island

Okay so now days poptropica makes new islands every month like crazy but they've gotten this memeber thing which I'm really upset about every website has some sort of memebership thing and it's not fair for those who can't pay and kids whose parents don't let them pay for that sort of thing! (and geez i'm typing really fast right now and my hands are getting tired but this is good practice for me so yeah) But I am really exicted about Ghost island and I did the demo and when Fiona said "Are you looking for some one?" ??????? IT SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!!! Because I was so focused on finding the widow with the telescope and poptopica never used to have sound. Now musical stuff has gotten sound but you know like the flute in mythology but peoples voices in poptropica HAVE NEVER HAD SOUND!!! I LITTERLY KID YOU NOT looked around the room to make sure nobody was there IT SO FREAKED ME OUT AND I LOVED IT!!!! Crazy huh? But you know I am crazy so doesn't matter to me! :) Anyways! I'm gonna finish my online school before 12 (when the new island comes out) Then go play the poptopica island then I'm gonna watch a movie in our live lesson room with my friends and finally do something productive till my friends come back to school and roleplay and talk to them! :) There's something about only having to do three things everyday that makes you not wanna work at all! :D I hate math
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  1. Whoa, Poptropica has sound?!? News to me! I never have my sound up, so I didn't get the memo. I'm glad though, it would have FREAKED ME OUT. I hate when stuff on my computer makes noise unless I ask it to. Ghost Island was awesome, but I don't think it was my favorite. I can't decide which is my favorite. What about you?

  2. I joined Poptropica when it was first going, like, literally only had two islands, the, uhhh... what,Poptropica Island and Shark Island? So yeah. I dropped it when I got into middle school, so 3-ish years later, I decide to get on, and there's like a dozen islands! It was sweet! But now, I'm ridiculously far behind and have to "cheat" with videos on YouTube... :D

    1. Yeah one of these days im gonna send a mail about their stupid new membership thing when i found out i got really mad and now u ONLY GET 50 FRACKIN CREDIT U HAVE TO DO THE EXTRA THING TO GET THE OTHER 25 AND U HAVE TO B A MEMBER TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM REALLY PISSED ABOUT IT