Thursday, January 12, 2012

My new year resolution

I know I know i'm posting like crazy but that's because I haven't been on for so long! So i'm trying to catch up. Wait a minute. . . .. . . . ..
You know I was talking about New Year Resolutions? I HAVE ONE!!! It's to get my blog up and improve it and post more!!! Now I got to find stuff to post about PLZ PEOPLES I NEED IDEAS I WANT YOU TO ASK ME STUFF PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ I HAVE OPINIONS ON EVERYTHING AND I WOULD BE SO OVERJOYED TO SHARE THEM!!! Oh and my mom doesn't appreciate Anime! I think it's cool how they can trick your mind to see something that's so cartoon but you can see it in you mind that's SO lifelike in cartoons! That's the buety of it! My mom says there's no skill involved but have you seen some of they're art work? It's amazing! It's just so cool! And so I'm teaching myself how to draw Anime. My mom says that there's no skill involved but I say there is. She also said it's just basic shapes and stuff. I think she looks at stuff from a life like perspective on art. . . . .. GRRR I CAN"T REMEMBER WHAT THAT POINT OF VIEW IS RIGHT NOW come on think! Ummmmmmmm Can't remember! In my opinion realistic DOESN"T MATTER AT ALLLLLL if it looks real relistic then that's cool but I don't think you can judge artwork on how realistic it is i mean that's just stupid! WHO CARES? It's the thought and the artwork itself how the aritst used the elements of art, (content view) and what it means and the thought put into it (subject veiw or did I get those backwords? I always do!) Oh and there was something else i was gonna say. . .. . . .dang it i can't remember grrrrr oh well. . .. If I remember I'll post about it! I LOVE ICECREAM okay that was random but oh well OH I want to post some of my short stories and stuff up that I've made for class! I'll post my editorail I think it was just brilliant!!! alright I'm off to do that!
Your fav. Blogger,
(now that I think about it though If I post it up there if they check to make sure it's not copied they might think it is when they see it comes up on my website i'll just have to prove it's my website and plus I've already made them so the post about it will be later then when I turned it in so either way  it won't matter :) )

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