Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kenster's Weekly Advice: To Better Days

Alright so we all have our days right? But what do we do when we're feeling down? Me personaly when I feel like the world is ending I take a nap somehow that help sometimes but when your just sad overall what is something you can do?

ICECREAM!- I know not why (tee hee proper english!) but eating icecream is what girls do when they're depressed or sad even Gary Marshall knows this (bonus features on Princess Diaries 2 wich is an awesome movie btw TOTALLY recomended) and you don't? Gosh your slow! ; ) (JK) (aka just kdding)

Napping- Already told you about this one, a short nap will help when your upset

Screaming- This one has not quite worked for me but it sometimes works for others. Screaming into one's pillows may help

Your mom
Your dad
Your pet zebra
Your stuffed animals(seriously respect your old pretend play mates you used to love them dearly respect'em)
Your Math or Science Text book (it would hurt)
THE WALL (nobody wants holes in the wall. .. . . well except MAYBE you)
OTHER PEOPLE NO MATTER WHO IT IS (we all wanna punch somebody but plz just don't do it)
Your computer moniter (your not gonna wanna be the one who has to pay for it thats for sure)
The safest thing to punch would be a pillow or a actual punching bag anything you wouldn't hurt or destroy by punching it is fairly okay EXCEPT THE STUFFED ANIMALS THE STUFFED ANIMAL POLICE WILL COME GET YOU "What'cha gonna do when the cops get u?" hehehe

Sports or hobby- Doing a favorite activity helps sometimes to it'll get out frustration

Talking- This is the treatment  I prescribe to all chatter boxes out there, for when i'm upset or angry talking really help exspecially blaming others temporaily while i talk it through (though plx note make sure to go back and get your facts straight because there is never just ONE person to blame you need to consider your actions to and make sure you take responsibility for what YOU did to blaming everyone else is step 1 while your cooling down I will post another post about this meathod because it goes in stages)

Pencil trick- This was the one that I was really making this whole post about but I decided to include others as well so yeah. when your sad or crying, instead of sticking a sock in it like your sisters and brothers might suggest, stick a pencil in between your teeth now I KNOW your saying "What? what are you TALKING about woman? Are you insane? ARE YOU CRAZY? What is a freakin pencil gonna do huh? How is that gonna help ME?" Well let me explain for some reason just smiling helps you feel better but of course when we're sad or crying we don't feel like smiling. So if you stick a pencil in between your teeth far back enough it will make you smile because the bar is wide enough to pull back your mouth so after a couple minutes you'll start to feel better! It works it's proven to work even though I sound like a insane syco maniac right now you'll thank me later :D

Hope this helps!
Your fav. Blogger,


  1. Haha you crack me up! I always go running as fast as I can when I'm upset or I hit tennis balls extremely hard against the backboard. When I was younger, I also wrote the name of the person I was mad at on a piece of paper and cut it into a million little pieces... ya, weird I know! But it helped! Haha thanks for the laughs!

  2. Oh ya - and I love the Princess Diaries 2, too!!!!