Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kay well here's a shout out to Maizine (did i get that right?) and Kesli,
Yes, ripping paper does make one feel better doesn't it? :D I've done it before! As for the laughs, they're always free with no extra charge :D
Kesli, Wish you a bunch of luck with your new website I noticed a lot of dot dot dots :D! Just be yourself and be wierd! I'd luv to check it out also when you do publish it!

NOW!!! Here's an origonal quote from none other than the awesome me!!! :D (i'm a little full of my self today i know but I happy persons, no two peoples comemented on my blog that makes me very happy)

"Your wierdness is what makes you human not some carbon copy wannabe that follows the leader, step out and express your wierdness" ~Kenster
 "Without your wierdness you wouldn't have your indivsualality and without your indivisuality... you wouldn't be human"~Kenster
:D Hope you liked them!!! I got to get back to math (BLEH) though reflections are not hard!
Your fav. Blogger,


  1. i like them i might start using know how i came here?thanks to girlsgogames!i send u a friend name in tere is know what?you should do a contest and give a prize to the winner.the contest could be about whoever writes one of thoose things that you wrote but you choose the one you like best?what do you think?

  2. FINALLY! Like the first person I know that actually looked it up thankz SO MUCH! Excepted your friend request I'll definitly take that into consideration thankz!!!

  3. haha! I love your site! its really funny and different. (not in a bad way) Im not some ***** who does stuff like that. oh and by the way im pandapops, wierd name right?? I like the fish tank app! OH have you tried putting it on facebook (your site) , if you have one, it might get more publicity! :)

    P.s. The tigers adorable!!

    1. Thanks so muxh pandapops ill have to remember that, i promise to send ya gifts l8r for ur resort world and family barn!!!