Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I just got back and i got my expander off and I can feel the roof and- STOP!!! JK!!! No, i ddin't get my expander off today, I have to wait another SIX weeks!!! -.- Oh well it is what it is right? Now i was doing some reasearch for my project which i will share with you guys tomorow when i'm done, and i found this article, very intresting. It's on Yahoo and it's about a woman who blogged about a new bonding activity that she and her four year old did... wear makeup. Intresting huh? I had a thought about this but i couldn't put my comment beacause it was Yahoo and i don't have a Yahoo and i don't want one so yeah.... anyways here's what i had to say:
 I understand both sides of this argument, I think that a four year old putting on pretend make-up and stuff is OK but real i have a bit of contradicting with. Now if this make-up is only worn inside the house like a rule "You can't wear it in public till ur (blah blah)" i think is sensible. If your going to allow a kid to wear a make up it should be natural not some fake stuff and no real dark or stand out colors such as no dark reds, no blue, purple or yellow. Wearing make up to school is a teen thing. And plz don't tell me ur kid hasn't ever felt pretty when she is having tea or playing dress up. Just because this child take a intrest in make-up doesn't mean bad parenting! And I agree also with having a more serious talk about it when the girl is grown up, i think she's handling the situation the right way.

You'll have to find the article to understand more but seriously, I don't think it's bad. Every little girl had played dress up and tea and had pretend make-up. Now usually when we're five and six for the make-up but we all grew out of it! And then we re-gain intrest when we're teens. And the kid isn't wearing foundation or lipstick or that stuff. I think it's ok. And this kid could just be one of the popular girls always worried about fashion, even those people have their place in this world. Or maybe she's getting a head start with her fashion designing carrier! :D Think on the positive not on the negitive. It's just one of those "Be like mommy"stages!
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