Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stupid Velocity

Okay so i was taking a quiz and i got this question wrong for a very stupid reason. Let me demonstrate

A train moves along a straight section of track at a velocity of 82 km/h east. A person walks toward the back of the train with a velocity of 2 km/h west. What is the velocity of the person relative to the ground?

Now, i read that and thought of a train and a man walking next to the train. Isn't that what you think of? if you don't hang on a minute...

So the answer should be 2km/h west right? Trick question! (this is for the people who see the same thing i do)

The answer they have is: 80km east

Two things about this answer is wrong, 1st of all, that isn't velocity in the first place! that's DISPLACEMENT not velocity! Because velocity is displacement over TIME, THEY FORGOT THE TIME UNIT (what idiots :P) Now besides that, i would have gotten the answer right but the thing is, they are assuming you understood that the person is ON the train! Now i understand that some peoples would understand it that way but for me? nah uh! You don't HAVE to be ON the train to be walking toward the back of the train, the guy is walking west and the train is moving east, so really no matter WHERE the guy is, he would be walking toward the back of the train. They never said the guy was ON the train they said the guy was walking toward the back of the train. See? See how that works? And really? Saying it's velocity when you end up putting the answers as displacement? That's just SO stupid! And if that's how you're supposed to answer questions like that, then it need to change. Now if you got the picture of a guy ON the train, lucky you, you don't think of the possibilities and take stuff for granted, pat ur self on the back or whatever. Anyways i'm going to send a note to my teacher on that one. I wouldn't be important if I had a A in science but i don't and it was a quiz so i'd rather have that one point back :D
Your fav. Blogger,

I GOT THE REPLY FROM MY TEACHER!!! And she said i was right! AWESOMENESS!!! I really can't believe that somebody else didn't point out the answer not being velocity thing before me! :D

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