Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poptropica Fashion Sense

I've noticed that alot of people don't have any fashion sense on poptropica and it drives me nuts, the outfits people show up in when they're in the common room! I mean really! If you look at my profile pic of my poptropican, you'll see that i carefully picked out my outfit and it actually matches. But sometimes... ug. And i'm so mad that they made the closet thing just for members I'm so steamed about that, i was really looking forward to having that feature. Grr. Before you know it poptropica will be a members only thing. It happens to almost every website and it sucks! I love to make different outfits on poptropica! It's one of the things that makes it so fun. Since you now can't do the closet I think i'll make my own paper type closet. By myself. Use the avatar studio thing to take pictures of each outfit and then save the picture, insert it to a powerpoint and label each part and where to get it weather store costume or player. To help with your poptropican fashion sense I'll put some of my tips:
1. When you start, don't worry entirely about matching, but think about what might be useful.
2. Start on the islands that don't have poptropicans such as: Big Nate, Great pumpkin,  Wimpy wonderland
3. Once you've completed those three you should have enough to buy the 3 costume saver in the store (don't forget to get all the free stuff that's there and check regularly for free costumes and specail effects)
4. Now that you've got the costume saver, go to Early poptropica, there are three people at mainstreet, pick and choose off of they're clothing using the customizer. To change what they're wearing, go to the left, and go back. once you've created a complete matching outfit, you're all set. You can save it in the costumizer. From Early poptropica you'll get a kind of casual school kid look.If your real serious about costumes you could actual document what the different things the random charecters can wear. (bout i doubt your really that serious about costumes you just wanna play the islands at this point) Do one island at a time and don't forget to check the advertisements for cool threads to.
5. When your really sick of your look, look around at the other charecters, go to the varirious common rooms or buy something at the store but realisticly the store costumes suck!!! What they need to do is start doing like buy a personalized costume FOR NON-MEMEBERS so that like you can buy a "template" for idk 50-25 credits and design your own costume to save and name that you can share with friends. I mean come on!!! There should be SOME thing for non members!!! How about buying your own space in the closet? I could put up with that...
Guess what i found out? THE COSTUME SAVER IS GONE that's right, they took it out grrr this sucks
Your dissapointed blogger

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