Monday, April 30, 2012

Nettie squeeze Bottles,Epic Awesomeness And GUESS WHAT HAPPENS ON TUESDAY!?!?!?

Who out there has really bad sinuses??? Well i do and it's a pain, I Nettie, which means i take a squeeze bottle and put warm water in it and this special sinus rise salt in the water and mix then i put it up to my nose and squeeze. If the passageway is fairly open water comes out of the other nostril along with snot. Kinda gross but much better once it's over. You won't believe the stuff that's come out of my nose before. And NO i am NOT crazy for doing this. LOTS of peoples do it and they do it BECAUSE IT WORKS!!! Forget mucucenx I got a squeeze bottle and Nettie salt! NO MORE BAD TASTING MEDICINE FOR ME!!! WEEEE!! But sadly when my sinuses are REALLY bad... it doesn't exactly work that way. O well!
Guess what is epic Awesomeness peoples??? My new loft that my dad built entirely from scratch!!! It's in my room right now but i can't use it just yet. 1.) because the floor isn't in and 2.) My dad accidentally put the ladder on the wrong side so we have to move it. But it won't be that big of a problem, all we have to do is un screw 2 short boards, move the two long boards to the other end, screw the two boards back on at the right measurements, paint the two un-painted squares now exposed, fill in the old screw holes and attach the ladder. Sounds like a lot but it's really a ten minute fix. So it should be done today if my dad is up to it but really i don't care when he does it.... well as long it doesn't get ignored for like over two months or something :D
AND!!!! GUESS WHAT HAPPENS ON TUESDAY??? (i think this happens on Tuesday, be warned i might have the wrong date and therefore lead to very much disappointment) I GET MY EXPANDER OUT!!! HOARY!!! I'll take a picture of it to show you all!!! (if i can figure out how to upload a pic to my site but I'm sure that won't be a problem!!! :D) THREE CHEERS!!! Not only because this means that I'm 1.) finally going to feel the new roof of my mouth that i haven't felt since i got this in, 2.) GONNA EAT NORMALLY AGAIN!!! 3.) Finally brush the tiny spot on the roof of my mouth that i haven't been able to brush in ages in till i got a aproxy brush which i lost so i still can't brush it, but because this means 4.) I"M STARTING MY INVISALINE SOON!!! which if you don't know what it is, check my invisaline post (post tree is over there check it out) And who knows? Maybe it'll be done by the time i go back to public school next year. Which i'll tell u all about later (DON"T LET ME FORGET cuz seriously i forget stuff easily) Either way THIS IS GONNA BE EXCITING!!! I'll tell u how it went tomorrow (on Tuesday) but right now i need to get back to school!
Your fav. Blogger,
PS. This is random but the other weekend i went to my friend's house (Key's) And she and her mom did the math to where key could have a one (or was it two?) tic tacs a day for a whole year! (apparently she has like 10 packs of tic tacs lolz) tell her to post about that (cuz she has not posted in a while but it's not entirely her fault which i will tell u peoples why l8r also)

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