Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Gross Nectarine Experince

Okay i had one on the grossest experiences ever. Now on a scale 1-10 of grossity it's probably a minor one but for some reason the littlest ones are the ones that actually gross me out more. Okay, so we have these nectarine trees that never really bear big fruit (if we even get any because we don't usually have enough chill for them). This year we've gotten tiny fruit which is the most you can ask of the trees where we live but anyways, my dad has been testing them from the different trees every week now or ever other day to see how ripe they are. Right now if you get just the right one, it'll be nicely ripe on the outside but next to the pit it'll be a bit green.
So I picked one and brought it in. It didn't have any signs of bugs, just a tiny tiny chip, not a hole. So i took the thing in, washed it and dried it and then i took a tiny bite and it was perfect, almost perfect as the one i had yesterday night. (yesterday night i had one but it has been eaten my bugs, i picked it and then looked at it and took it to my dad to see if it was okay to eat because it has two holes in it, where the bug had entered and where it had exited. And he took a big bite of it and IT WAS SOOO DELICIOUS THE PERFECT NECTARINE but i after his huge bite on the side not infected by bugs, there was little for me to get off without getting near the bug holes :( i was irritated a bit and disappointed but i thought about how soon there would be ever more ripe nectarines just like it if I could just wait a bit so that cheered me up a bit) So I dried it off and took a nibble and almost as good at the one i had yesterday, i took a couple nibbles and then took a big bite, down to the pit of the necturine. And I saw GRUBS CRAWLING ON MY NECTURINE PIT!!! So imediately i stoped chewing and spit out the bite i had, dropped the necturine on the table, took a sip of my tea and spit it back in the cup (to get all the nectarine out cuz with my expander you never know what type of stuff will get stuck) and backed away. I'm sorry but bugs just totally gross me out and the idea that i might have accidently ate one was just to much for me. Lame I know but seriously: I don't do bugs. So then i took a paper towel and scooped up the spit out piece and the grub infected necturine and went outside, throwing the pieces way into the yard to rot and help the soil. Then I went back in and washed my cup. (You didn't think i was going to drink it now, did u?). Again, I know that is like so totally lame of me but I so don't like bugs, I don't like to touch them and never in my life do i want to taste one. Butterflies are different though and the non-poisonous lady bugs (if that's even true). and maybe a few other exceptions. I don't mind squashing them with my shoe but I really don't want to touch bugs like June Bugs, Cockroaches and Grubs. Just ew.

Blah Blah Blah
Your grossed out blogger,

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