Monday, October 24, 2011

Educational Technology

Hey peoples! Alright yeah I haven't posted my advice colum for last week or whatever sorry I was busy! But for Educational Techology and Online Learning a.k.a a very boring course on Online Safety, I'm learning about Blogging (OH WAIT A MINUTE! I already KNOW about blogging becuase I have my OWN blogging website!) Safety. So anyways one of the activities is that you "Blog" on these six different topics they give you but I only have like 3 to do becuase I've already posted some blogs on the topics they want you posting on : ) ! HAH! So if you want you can read the blog on each topic I'm supposed to be blogging on. Though you know, how could you BLOG if you don't actually have you own website! : ) Yeah, yeah "they mean write a paragraph or to if you had your own blog on the following topics stop being dumb!" Well I was being a smart alex. So know I'm going to "blog" on the topics

Topic 1: I've already done this one
Topic 2: A Journal of movies you love to watch you favorite movie, actors ect.
Allright of the top of my head:
The new Alice in Wonderland
Princess Diaries 1
Princess Diaries 2
Gnomeo and Juliet
Mary Poppins
I really love Gnomeo and Juliet it is a nice movie and funny. Alice in Wonderland was just BRILLANT! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I can't really think of any others Oh princess bride was fairly good I like the sceen where the hero of the story and that other dude that is really good in swordsmanship or whatever fights it's a good scene. It's really corny but you know who cares?
Some of my favorite Tv shows would be Euaka which sadly only has one more season left and I really want to know, WHAT HAPPENS TO ALISON!!!! Long story that I don't feel blogging right now so just ask for the episodes on dvd for christmas or start watching them yourself. They're really good. Then the new show Person of Intrest is really good. I like Criminal Minds but it gives me nightmares. Well not really nightmares but it keeps me from getting to sleep. MYTHBUSTERS! I LOVE MYTHBUSTERS YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME! Adam is really funny and I like some of thier "sayings" I want all seasons on dvd for christmas also along with Alice in Wonderland IN 3D! Hint Hint mom and dad : )
Favorite Actors, I don't have a lot of becuase I don't pay attention to that stuff just like I don't pay attention to who is siging the song i'm hearing on the radio. But Jonny Deph (how do you spell his name?) Anne Hathway, and Julie Andrews are my favorites out of the people I actually pay attention to.
Topic 3: Already done this
Topic4: Pretty sure I've done this to
Topic 5: A blog on TV shows you watch and don't watch
Well I sorta told you that on the previous topic but ones I can't watch is adult stuff, Family guy is one show that I'm starting to be able to watch but like South Park or whatever it is I can't watch they're aren't a lot of stuff I can't watch becuase their isn't stuff that I want to watch that I can't so yeah.
Topic 6: A blog on what you do while on the computer
What do you think I do on the computer? Watch videos, chat (ALOT), play games and blog! Just like every other kid except you'll usually find me chating with my friends but you know whatever.
Your fav. Blogger,

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