Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Micheal Jackson

(okay for some reason this post never got published butI wrote it a long time ago)I was just listening to my mp3 player (which I just got back yesterday, long story) and I had my favorite song that Micheal Jackson had written (Smooth Criminal) and I remembered the day he had died. I know you people won't belive me and think I'm full of baloney but, we had been at Dairy Queen and my parents where talking about the song that was playing on the radio. ( Which was by Micheal Jackson, DUH)So when the mentioned Micheal Jackson, me, being SOOO out of tune of popular singers and whatnot said "Isn't Micheal Jackson dead?" When we got home, my mom was on her computer when she saw a article that Micheal Jackson had died a couple of hours or so earlyer. So technicly I was correct! I can't believe I remember that!

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