Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Okay It's time to tell you something about me, my teeth are just waked! I have so serve over bite it's called over jet and crossbite. None of my teeth line up. My first four front teeth are in like a complete straight line it's wierd. I even stopped smiling with my teeth becuase of it. Wich I shouldn't but it doesn't really matter anyway becuase for some reason I don't smile as much as I used to. I rarely smile anymore. Anyways, becuase of all of this I would have to get braces and a pallet widening becuase my pallet(roof of my mouth) it to narrow. If fits PERFECTLY to my tonge it's creepy. My pallet is an impression of my tounge no joke. And like everyweek they put a key in and turn it to widen more and it's cemented on the roof of you mouth! : ( BUT! I may be getting saved. There is this thing called invisiline. What is it? A invisable impression that's tweeked a bit to move your teeth gradualy intill they're were they're supposed to be. Every two weeks you change them. Now I know your saying "You have to go to the dentist every two weeks? That's stupid!" No, you go every 6 to 8 weeks and they give you the next four sets of invisiline impression things to change out every two weeks intill you come back. And guess what? Since you can remove it, I can still eat, chips, popcorns, gum, corn on the cob and everything else. Take it out, eat, put it back in. And no specail one hour long cleaning either. Take it out, brush my teeth, give the thing a quick brush and done! Awesome right!?! but I may have to wait intill I'm 13 wich would be next year bleh But isn't it worth it!?!?!
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