Monday, November 7, 2011

Kenster's Advice: The Four Step Process to Acne

This process is about what anyone would suggest whether it's product brand, most all people-who-make-acne-treatment-stuffs have these four basic things. It's fairly universal. If you don't have serious acne, you don't need brands, just one of each. Basic Principal: Kill your acne when it gets there and DON'T let it fester like mine because then you really will need stronger stuff which equals more money. Time=money people!

Here's what ch'a need:
The Clean Clean Foaming Facial sensitive skin soap
Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating astringent from Netrogena
Kroger brand Cotton rounds, two sided (one side is fluffy and then the other side has this round dots spattered on it to get the stuff off)
Moisturizer (oil free)
Acne Spottage stuff (the stuff that actually takes care of the pimples and zits and blackheads)
Alright the stuff I listed here is what I use but there may be stuff that works better for you but I definitly suggest the Kroger Cotton rounds, when I use them and the astringent, I can tell it's washing my face I can see the dirt it's getting off for me (I know it maybe gross but it's nice to know it's working right?). So I definitely suggest that.
Step 1- Take your facial wash and put some on your hand. Rub your face with it. Then let the water run and cup your hands to get water and rub on your face. Repeat the water rinse in till your sure all the soap is gone.
Step 2- Open you eyes and take a towel to dry your face, just dab don't rub and clean your area. The step before can get a little messy!
Step 3- Take the cotton pads and your astringent, put some astringent on the cotton pad. Now lift up your bangs and dab your hair line, your nose and the crease between your under eye skin and nose and your chin crease. (these are where you will get the most acne) Now dab your forehead and the rest of your face and throw away that cotton pad and get another one. This time get shoulders and higher back, if you have long hair you might get oils on your back if you don't get the chance to wash it every single day (like on the weekends sometimes I don't have time to or forget) and shoulders definitely if your like me.
Step 4- Take the moisturizer, NOT A LOT! The astringent gets the oils off but it drys out your face. Use the moisturizer to give it back SOME of those NEEDED oils. This is why it's important to not put to much. Don't forget the back and shoulders.
Step 5- Use the Acne stuff to zap the zits and pimples, don't need a lot of this either but do your chin all around even if it's not obvious you have acne there, trust me, they may not break out full yet but they'll get there and you can stop it early if you try. Hairline and nose and of course very important and zap any acne of the shoulders and back again too. It may sound ridiculous but do you wanna got to a pool party or fancy occasion where your wearing a dress that shows off your shoulders or a swimsuit that does with your shoulders full of acne? OF COURSE NOT!
Okay I lied 5 step process but I call it four steps because you have four things to do, wash, astringent, moisturize and zap the zits
"Get the Zip Zapper and start Zapping Zits Today!"
Sorry that just came into my mind just now good commercial idea actually! : )
Hope this helped!

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  1. I do the face wash when I'm in the shower.