Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catching up

Hey guys! Sorry again for not posting. Well let me catch you up I'm now in the 7th grade! I switched online schools but this one is much better. My dad left for a bussnies trip on monday in Los Vegas and his plane for his return home gets here at like midnight tonight so yeah(or would it be tomarow becuase midninght is when a new day starts? huh). And then it would take like an hour to get to and back from the airport becuase ours is ridduculy huge.ummm let's see. Oh Kegan's mad at me I'll have more detials on that later. Oh! And. . . .
I GOT HERMIT CRABS two little crabs of my own! I've had them for over a week now but it's taken them a little more time then i thought to adjust but they'll come around. In the meantime, I would like to say thankyou to the fans that have been looking at my website regularly, I have stat stuff that tells me how many people are viewing my stuff. My friends recently got blogs so I'll post some stuff about that. Kenster's Monthly first edition will be coming out SOON but I need some stuff to write about, I need questions! So post those below and if you have an answer to someone's question post that also so I can put that on the Help board on Kenster's Monthly. I will also be setting up some sort of contest so don't forget to read Kenster's Monthly okay? I have an advice topic for the first one but I will need some help on advice topics this information is going out to you, it has to be something helpfull for you not me. The advice stuff is for the viewers so don't be afraid to ask a question. Any topic you want me to post about with my opinoins at no extra cost, post that below as well. Also! My stats have not been going up lately, It doesn't surprise me to much since I haven't posted in a while but don't forget to spread the word I will be getting into the habbit of posting some more but I need comments and the things you would like me to write about to do that, so each situation leans on eachother. PLEASE POST LOTS OF COMMENTS BELOW! Oh and one more thing to get ready for getting my stats up and stuff I'm redecorating my website so if you get on one day and it looks different just look around for fimilair posts to re-ensure you can always tell if it's me by my sign off anyway. But this redecoration might take a while becuase when I get to the design tab and click on the thing that let's me adjust my website, it says it can no longer display my webpage and then I can get back to my website and it does it agian if I try to do it again so yeah. But I'll put a post up when I get the remodel thing done. And I'll be posting some poetry and stuff later to day so stay tuned for that
Your fav. Blogger,

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