Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friend trouble

Alright I need some help If you've been reading all my posts you probably have heard my saying that Key's mad at me. So I need you help. She wants me to apoligize first and I don't have a problem with that it's just I'm not sure what I'm exactly apoligizing for.
You see since I've been in an online school key thinks I'll become socialy inadiquite. I was asking about how the cheerleaders act at their schools(I was having an Instant Message with kegan and Victoria) becuase I wanted to know if they actually act like they are fabled to in the movies. So one of them says something like Kenna that is all or something becuase I'm being really inqueisitive( I like to know stuff and I don't want the icing of it and the general thing, I want the WHOLE cake) so anyway Victoria suddenly has some glitch or computer problem and she get's logged out. So that leaves me and key.
me: sorry was just asking you forget I'm not living a regular school experince over here
Victoria Nguyen has left.
Kegan: I know. I don't forget that you aren't going to ever be someone who gets normal school stories and so your children are hopeless.
 that's not true
Kegan: Yeah-huh. They'll have to rely on your husband to show them how to live life.
me: not true and you know it
Kegan: It is true. You aren't at a REAL school so your kids won't have a mom to tell them what to do and not do.
me: um what does me going to
  regularschool have to do with that and who said my kids weren't going to an online school 2 and also who said was going to have kids much less get married
Kegan: well your kids might go to an online school you will get married you might have kids but online school is expensive and you would deny your kids anyfriends whatsoever
me: actually it didn't cost us anything to get enroled in either online school it is still a public school
Kegan: But do you really want to deny your kids real friendship
me: I made a friend overonline schol that happened to be ashlyn's friend
 Kegan: only one
me: And I'll lve in a nieghbohood that actually has NICE kids
yeah so?
Kegan: And you haven't met her face to face
me: that doesn't totally matter atthis point
besides I'll met her at one of our field trips
Allright by this time the glich is sorted out and Victoria's back on. Then Key, accidently posts what she was supposed to be posting in the chat box we were talking in to the one that has all three of us so now we're fighting in front of victoria wich is real bad manners but that's what happened I don't have the chat to post but It turned out that Key had taken offense to this becuase she thought I was saying that I don't value the friendship I have with her as much or something like that. And I understand taking it that way, but you got to remember that she brought up the subject herself saying that my school was bad and whatever so I don't see how I'm really at fualt here. I don't really see what I did wrong I was defending my self from her critizium of my school. I didn't mean to hurt her feeling though either. And either way, becuase of the friend i am I'm going to apoligize anyway but here's the thing: Can you guys tell me what I did wrong and key if your reading this you opiniion doesn't technicaly count.
Your fav. Blogger,
P.S and if key's mad at me for posting this on the web oh well becuase I've learned that sometimes asking others for their thoughts and how they view it is one of the best ways to understand what people did wrong it helps

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  1. Try asking your mother sometime. Kegan is obviously having jealousy and "I miss you" issues with your change in schools. She will have to come to grips with that herself, however, she is feeling abandoned and hurt right now and lashed out at you because, I think, she misses you. You can and should apologize to her for hurting her feelings for anything you might have said. You see, it really doesn't matter if you are in the wrong or the right of it. Your best friend PERCIEVES you have hurt her and she is angry. To keep the peace between the two of you and peace in your own heart, an apology for saying or doing anything that she percieves as hurtful goes a long way to making things right between you both.

    That is what you should apologize for. Not for defending yourself or giving your own opinion, but for hurting her with it if that is what was done. Sometimes, your opinion needs to be said, even if it will hurt someone, but always be prepared to apologize for doing this hurt and if possible keep it to yourself if you can avoid hurting someone. Sometimes it's best to not argue at all and let that person have their opinion. YOU know what is right in your heart my princess. Your father and I have taught you well. You DO NOT have to argue your point with anyone.

    Now, with that being said, call your mother every once in a while. I miss and love you very much.



    PS: Princess Boo Girl Rocks!!!!