Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's beat the record

Alright, The record for page views per month on this website is onehundred forty something. Right now we have 30, Come on guys let's beat the record here I'd be hapy if we even got like, 60 but come let's try and this does no inlued my pageviews becuase then it would be invaled but also thankyou guys for being so awesome to check my blog!
Your fav. Blogger,
UPDATE! 10 more views to beat june we're at 42 we need over 52 to beat june
UPDATE! RIGHT NOW! we are tied with june! WHAHOO! 52 page views excatly! Alright so, I don't know what month is next to beat, but I look and update later alright the next month would be my first year posting, in december or november can't remember now but it is-124 page views! If we wanna beat this record we're gonna have to step it up a bit
OUR FINAL TOTAL WAS....... I know this is a litlle late posted but our final total page views was (drumroll please!) 88 page views! That's really good, you guys rock! Thanks alot! We didn't beat the record but we increase page views alot! I think I might do a page view contest between countries (becuase you can like see how many people from Russia or how many people from the United states has looked at your website) Thanks guys so much!
P.S this is like totally unrelated but MYSTERY TRAIN ISLAND IS FINALLY OUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE! WHAOOO! Supposedly anyway and if it isn't I'm going to be in a REAL bad mood
About 15 minute later. . . .

I checked to see if the island is open and guess what? IT ISN"T OPEN ARRRRRGGGGGG! AARRRGGG! I"VE BEEN WAITING FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS FOR THIS THING TO OPEN AND IT"S NOT OPEN! I would have thought it would've opened at midnight since that's when today would've started but it's not! I CHECKED Maybe i should refresh the page and try again. Maybe it won't be open till noon all i know is it said 10/7/11 and last time I checked that's today!
After 12 o'clock
Later. . . . .
I've already beat mystery train island without any help bummer, I thought it was going to be harder than that but it was pretty good.

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