Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rubik's cube and smile faces

Do you know what a rubik's cube is? It's this cool puzzle thing, a cube of course and there is are different sizes too. It's really fun to solve to see what i'm talking about look it up there is tons of stuff on the internet to tell you about it. If you're reading these words then you know how to navigate on the internet.
Most of you have a phone correct? (Well who doesn't these days? I mean almost every kid I ask has one, but they don't have email. I mean seriously!) well when you text to your friends you sometimes might put those smiley faces on it. So I have a question for you. What is your fav. smile that you use? Post them in your comments below I like this one,  : P  it's supposed to be someone with thier tounge out of their mouth but it doesn't really look like that, does it?  Wait! I should of thought of this before,  : P  if I bold the dots it looks less abnormal.
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