Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Journal entry

Okay this is an entry about my day in kickball today

I had another bad day, I'm tired of everyone saying that it's all my fault! I don't even get a sympathetic sorry before I get told off, no one understands! And for once if might be nice to have someone that does. People would probably rather spend a day with The ac kid than me!WHY DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND! Oh great, science my friend is probably going to spend the time telling me I was wrong and whatnot. I mean, she is a good friend and all, but she doesn't understand either and she is the closest friend I have! DOES ANYONE GET MY PAIN? Well, i think I know of one SPECIAL person . . . . . . . . but still. Though to look on the bright side my friend understands me better than most and I think shes like me, when there is a friend sad or a friend fight, she tries to fix it because it makes thing less enjoyable for others and uneasy, definitely with a fight going on, I REALLY need to learn how just be happy or to even just pretend I'm happy for the sake of others Though k---- would probably find out eventually because I most likely wouldn't be very good at it. I mean it makes me less of a friend. I feel like I'm just a happynessvacum or something and suck up the happiness in others. If anyone of my friends could rate me on friend quality, I would probably get a 0, at least it feels like it. I'm not a good return of favors person.
ARG{ In my real journal, this is MUCH bigger}

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