Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear, Kegan

Dear, Kegan
I'm SO happy for you! You got a computer for Christmas! Is it a net book, computer or laptop? And Yes MAKENNA NOEL TO YOU! ( To the confused people reading this right now: Noel means Christmas and in Kenyan Makenna means happy, so right now I'm wishing my friend a happy Christmas) Kegan! Some People in Brazil know English and they probably have some sort of thing that translates it into their language. Honestly I don't know very much so if you are reading this right now and you live in Brazil or some other country that English is not popular, tell us how you are reading these words on this page.(Thank you for answering my friend's question in advance) And sorry about the name spelling, I'm getting better though. And I KNOW that Courtney isn't a oboe, I'm in the oboe class remember? You didn't forget that I play bassoon over the Holidays did you? The reason I mentioned him is because IF he were to pick band he would have played the oboe. ALL of the oboe players and bassoon players were on my team last year except for you. AND I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! I got a PHONE for Christmas and a COLOR NOOK! and when I got my ears pierced guess what earrings I got put in! My birthstone which is SOO pretty. And Kegan,P.S - You are SO not a yellow, you ARE a green with a little red and a LOT of blue and I belive you said you name was K-E-G-A-N right? at least, that's what you said on you comment you posted. or did it have spaces? I'll have to check that later. . . . . . . XP (look at it sideways) I left you a comment on the dream thing because it was only about a sentence long.
-One of your best friends,
 And for my fans
your fav. blogger

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  1. hey thanks 4 spelling my name right :P and cool phone and we have the same birthstone your friend k