Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I honestly don't know why I named this blog Hala becuase that is not really how I feel right now. I picked kickball in gym and I'm not even going to talk about it. Except for one detial that happened to me,. . . . . . . today. In kickball there is not a lot of girls, just a bunch of idiots, jerks, dorks, geeks, you know, the usual except with a compitive and yell at everybody and I'm perfect plus pack. Now one of the girls in kickball is my friend. And she ends up team caption, so she gets to pick the people. And the two team captions start picking. When she looks at me I go " pick me!" I mean she's the only friend I have in kickball right now. And she doesn't pick me. I don't even get picked LAST! Our coach ended up dividing the rest of us that hadn't gotten picked and I ended up on the other team with tattle tell and a bunch of other stupid idoit bozos. So this is what I'm thinking, One of my best friends pick a bunch of stupid idiot bozo boys and DIDN"T EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT PIKING ME?!?!?!?!?! I mean I understand if I'm not on the top of the list (People hate my guts) but . . . . . . . . Later she said that she picked skill over friendship. Doesn't that just seem wrong to you? I understand if it was a contest or there was a prize or something, but THIS IS FREAKING GYM CLASS! WHY DOESN"T ANYONE UNDERSTAND? (becuase all my friends are basicly saying it's my fault wich is all they do, BLAME ME, yeah sometimes I over react a little {Okay a lot} but I don't even get a sympithetic sorry!?? before they tell me off) Well tring to get out of my pity party, I'm going some post some stuff I've written in my writing journal for L.A. {I guess you could say I use it like a diary}
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