Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rubik's cube madness

 Okay I was solving my Rubik's cube and I was working on the last layer middle pieces and I kept doing this move. For some reason I KNOW I was doing it right, I checked and I had the instructions right in front of me. but the middle pieces wouldn't turn right side up and only one of them at a time would be on the right side. So I just did it on random sides and guess what happened I finished the Rubik's which is not unusual to finish at the second to last stage but here's the catch- those middle pieces are facing right side up but none of them are on the right side, How in the world did that happen? And that's the only thing that's wrong. If you look at the green side all of it is green but the green yellow middle is on the red side, the middle green red piece is on the yellow side, the middle green white piece is on the orange side and the middle green orange is on the white side, How do you fix that?
Here's the link to the instructions I use, It is like THE BEST for beginners sorry if you don't like it but it has the best model and best step showing sytem I've found :
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