Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three things I wish teachers would understand about me

This was a writing journal response assignment. We had to write about three things that we wish our teachers would understand about me. Here's what I put:

 Three things I wish my teachers would understand about me. . . . . . . . .  GT, independent, Reading stratigies. Since that isn't very clear, lisen to my detials.

I'm in GT {Gifted and Talented} and Pre-ap. I watch the science channel, the discovery channel AND the history channel. I need to be challenged! I'm very intelligent! The only GT project I've ever had was in 3rd  grade! Hello! Get a clue! I'm suffering from learning bordrem! Okay sometimes it can be challengeing. But when I need help no one can it explain clearly to me. Language Arts FRYS MY BRAIN SOMETIMES! ( DON"T need help on reading passages thankyou)  I'M DYSLEXIC!( How in the world do I spell that) Wake up to reality! Even though I still get good grades and what not, DOES NOT MEAN I DON'T HAVE TROUBLE! But I get help from my parents so I'm good, kind of. But since I am really smart and blah blah blah, sometimes when I want to get my work done fast, I just race ahead of everyone else in the group and they just copy me! Some times group work REALLY bothers me. And the next paragraph gives you more details why.
I am independent. Sometimes I work ahead. And even though I am, I love to tutor and I love group work ( HOW TWISTED IS THAT?) but only on certian conditions. Sometimes When I get put into a group I really dislike the people I work with, and that means our outcome is a mess becuase we spend the time fighting over how to do it instead of getting it done correctly and buetifly.So big project is much better off with me doing it myself. A way to fix it is first, let us chose our partners or let me work alone. And 2, for me to learn how to get along and keep my mouth shut instead of blurting out everything I think. I'm getting better but I'm not quite there yet. And I'm usually fine in every subject except science. Never, ever put me in a group with -------, ----- -----, ----- or well, most boys. --- and ------- are dorks but that's okay becuase I'm one to and they are easeir to get along with than most boys becuase they kinda know my attitude(--- was on whiz quiz last year and doesn't ------- look like my brother) about things. But any other boys, forget it, You'll never know the end of it.
Reading strategies, oh don't even get me started on those! I have made commended and better on every TAKS test WITHOUT STRATEGIES! Sometimes, strategies are useful, like I do look back ate the passage and why I'm reading make predictions and conclusions(though not on those ------ reading passages because I basically know what going to happen, they're SO CHEESY and short) BUT I HATE SHOWING MY WORK! Ask us if you need to, but if they are making 100s they DON'T need to show their work because obviously whatever they do WORKS! GET A CLUE PEOPLE! It wastes time, makes people think they can't pass a test without it, and teachers take points off if they don't do it. HELLO! On the REAL TAKS test they check the bubble sheet, they DON'T CARE HOW YOU GOT THE ANSWER THEY WON'T say oh, this student forgot to highlight, she gets 20 points taken off! because THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THE TEST. IT'S GRADED BY A MACHINE! Gowlee! WAKE UP TO THE 21ST CENTURY!. . . . . . . and one more thing. . . . . . . . IT'S TOURTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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