Friday, November 12, 2010


 I'm in band and I play one of the most frustrating and cool instruments ever!
You might say what in the world is a bassoon? well, it's hard to explain so look it up on google. First it's about as tall as me maybe even a bit taller. It makes I really cool sound but the keys you have to press are a pain. It's not becuase they're spaced out becuase I've already got used to that facter. I can palm a basketball now. But the certian way it's hard to explain but reeds are a pain. and becuase it's so hevy you have to use a seat strap and you hold almost all of it's wieght in the LEFT hand I'm RIGHT handed sometime I want to chop it and feed it to the fire place but then again it's soo cool. I'm always bumping into things with the case. Sometimes I think I should of taken choir but then agian i can't sing for NOTHING (well not THAT bad but pretty bad) but don't you take choir and classes and practice to get better? but I don't regret my desicion gor band. what instrument do you play?(oh yeah and I play bass cleft so all the music i want to play I can't, it's made for trouble cleft)
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