Sunday, October 17, 2010

To the anomous blogger

You have a point there and sorry for the complaints, I do seem to dweel on the bad stuff don't I. I really don't mean to. But some times I can be really negitive and stubborn sometimes. If you want me to write about something cheerful or whatever just say so! I'd be more that happy to. (Becuase seriously i don't smile that much anymore, I don't know why) I going to see about typing storyies and things I've writen before at some point. becuase I REALLY love writing. But intill then there won't be much here most likely. So really a can't belive how many people like my site. I really hope your that bloger I commented about, thought affter I commented, it showed up in the white space and then it dissapeared completely, it didn't even show up on the real site comment place so I wonder, What happened? Oh well.
Your fav. Blogger,

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