Friday, October 22, 2010

Soccer talk

Okay I know i dwell on bad things so I might exaterate but here goes. .. . . . I sprained (Okay yeah it's not broken and i not sure if it's really spraned but it was servere enough to need ice and hurt the whole day and I can't put any wieght on it so i'm typing one handed!) my wrist during soccer practice! MAA! and ARRG becuase if it doesn't get better I won't be able to play goalie and I'm not sure if it will be safe to play on the field either becuase the team were playing always does illegeal pushing and shoving and they do it hard to AND THE NEVER GET CALLED i'm one of the lucky kids though, becuase I've seen them do it to my team mates but though  they have never done it to me. Did I tell you one time I was trying to take the ball from some player and I accidently half fell but still had my leg out and tripped the poor kid. though they didn't call it becuase it was an accident. And during the game last week we had a corrner kick and I kept moving with this player I was covering and she said "get off me" HELLO! We're playing soccer, I'm trying to keep you from getting the ball! GEEZ! Where have you been? In la la land? COME ON! GET A CLUE! And that team hadn't got any new players either. . . .
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