Sunday, October 17, 2010


SUP? (just kidding saying that is soo unlike me, so I'll say Hiya peoples!) Kegan and Ashyln wants me to type about puppies so here's my opinion:
PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE! We all agree that puppies are absolutely adorable! but most of us say that they are a pain to house train, which they are, but ISN"T IT WORTH IT? I mean really, who can resit man's best friend, we use them for everything. To help the blind, to help children read(not kidding, we have one of those dogs at our school, ask ashylen and kegan) To help hunt down criminals, to help hunt game, to sniff for illegal drugs and other illegal substances and bombs, to put into shows, I've even heard of a dog that helped a child overcome sickness, it got her mom every time the dog realized something was wrong. And blood hounds for instance my beagle are REALLY GOOD AT SNIFFING! If a treat like a carrot( one of her favorites) gets under a piece of furniture like the refrigerator, dishwasher, couch and dinner couch in the camper, SHE WILL GO CRAZY in till someone fetches the snack for her, every time we have food she automatically sits because we started making her sit to get food, but that's the only thing she sits for! So if your trying to get her to laydown by using treats, you can't because she sits instead. When she was a puppy she would literly get in the dishwasher when we did the dishes. And she still does! If you want to add something about puppies, tell a story about your own or some tips for training or whatever start typing your comments!
Your fav. Blogger,


  1. hi you are awsome anyone who writes about puppies rocks

    ps my name is spelled ashlyn

  2. yeah and mine is Kegan.How do you think you spell my sisters name? Oh and I apreciate when you mention me in your blogs.HAPPY CHRISTMAS NOELLE!I got the coolest stuff did you

    1. it's Makenna Noelle remember? (Makenna Noelle Means Happy Christmas)