Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spreading the word

I don't know who, but some one from canada has seen my website, and only one person from canada. Who ever is that one person, rock on! You know, I don't know if i should be making posts form just the tinest things but oh well. Oh, and yesterday(friday the last week of the first six weeks) That ac kid I told you about WAS PUSHING MY LIMITS and not only that person but some other people to. IF FIGHTING WASN'T AGIANST THE RULES(and i wouldn"t get in trouble)THEY WOULD HAVE BLACK EYES, TONS OF BRUSIES AND BY GOING TO THE NURSE! That ac kid is a staker but i don't have time to tell you abot it in fine detail right now becuase my friends just showed up.
your fav. Blogger


  1. yo its ashlyn shimmer is the most awsome thing EVER.I luv ferrets & I am the worst speller ever!

  2. I love your blogs. I am your biggest fan.U rock!I know everything must be hard on you but something good is bound to happen. Call it karma. you deserve a good day. And one is bound to come soon!