Sunday, October 17, 2010

Renata-about soccer

Renata I'd like to say good luck to you too becuase you're going to need it, even though we got beat by storm but that's becuase our team has trouble with the idea that you can push people, I'm SOOO DEFINITLY OUT OF PUNTING PRACTICE and we ALL were not awake, ecspically me. And when people play bunch ball like they did, you would think it would make it hard on that team right. No, it makes it hard on the other team. becuse it's like, Do I go with my person to block her even though she's on the WAY other side of the field, or do I stay spread out and let two of my team mates handle almost half of the team. So yeah.
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  1. hey its me its been awile sence we played but we either tied or my team won cause we were undafeeted but any way you guys played good see you by the way thanks for spelling my name right