Friday, January 23, 2015

New Experinces

Again, I have failed to update and keep up with my blog. I hope, since I am attending a class that requires my presence on a computer daily, that it may help with my consistency. If I was more professional, I might clean up the crap posts I've done long ago but I guess that adds to my character to keep them. It's sort of funny to look back and see the idiot child I once was so for now, I guess they're there to stay. 

This semester, I'm in a class to learn more about A/V production and as this correlates to the job I wish to have in the future, I'm very excited. Maybe it's a bit late to be making New Year resolutions but I want to get back into my writing. And so, maybe if I start blogging more I'll also focus a little more on writing chapters for my books. Seriously, Kenster, get to work! Lol. 

Currently, Phishies's (one of my friends) boyfriend is laying on my arm... completely taken it hostage people. -.- ..... yeah I don't have an explanation either. I knew wearing my fluffy sweater was a mistake and yet I did it anyways. -.- This is future Kenster speaking, DON'T WEAR THE SWEATER! (as past Kenster continues to ignore my cries and that is why I continue to be a pillow)

I'm excited to announce that I have a new friend that is very precious to me for she is my Best Friend. However, it's difficult. Finally having a genuine connection to some one can be troubling because I try and I fail and I blunder and then I feel really bad about it. But I'm trying. I'm really trying to be the best friend I can be and although I suck at it, I just hope I get better.  Hopefully, we'll be a good influence on each other. I treasure her friendship and envy her strength and I swear to be her support through thick and thin. Maybe that's what friendship truly is.

It's hard because she's broken. Yet that makes it so much more rewarding. I'm broken too, and I want to help her. Helping someone like me helps me. Hopefully, it's mutually benefitting for the both of us. Connecting with her is easier because I understand and I see that dark side in her that I thought I faced alone. At the same time, having to face that in someone else and seeing that from the outside, helps me come to peace with my own demonds inside myself.

I hope someday I can make her fully understand how much I treasure her strength and how much I envy her strength.

On another note, it's also sort of weird because I've found myself in a very weird situation. Said friend is related to a celebrity.... and now I've someone how become said celebrity's pen pal... Yeah, I'm not sure how it happened either. I mean, it would be okay, if it weren't for the fact I've recently come to admire said person's work. 

However, the awkwardness I feel is not mutual. Apparently, I'm just weird and awkward. Which is true but... I don't know, it's weird. Anyways, the Star-struck thing is completely new to me too. I've never been a fan of celebrities. Like wise, don't tell my friend, lets just keep this between me and all the random people that view this page... (aka the entire internet lol)

Speaking of new experiences, a few months ago I had my first experience with affairs of the heart. Including a first kiss, happiness and a broken heart. In the end though, I think I've become a better person out of it. Considering it was long distance relationship, I think it went pretty well... considering it was also my first relationship. So... go Kenster! ...I guess? haha. He was awesome but in the end I couldn't compete with the girl he's had a crush on his entire life. Which, I understand. It still hurt, but did understand. I made him promise however that in exchange for breaking my heart, he has to fully go after her and if they aren't dating soon, I will find him, and I will stab him with a fork ^.^ we're still friends and I totally ship them.

Keaton, (said boyfriend of Phishie) is bothering me about the whole backstory of this relationship I am currently typing about. So I may be tempted to write it...

But not on this post. :)

Later guys, write on!

Your fav. Blogger,

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