Friday, January 23, 2015

The Backstory

The backstory of my first romance as requested by the annoying puppy on my arm. (Keaton)

(sigh) Alright, here goes.

So I went on a cruise this summer. The only thing for a teen to do on a cruise is to spend all day in the Teen club with the other teens, running around the ship till 2 am in the morning of course, lol. In said club I met this guy named Adam. I kid you not the first thing I thought when I saw him was "Wow, he's kinda cute... scratch that, he's hot" Hahaha, thanks hormones. Anyways, low and behold he already had a cruise ship girlfriend. (So how the hell did you end up with him? You ask, well I'll tell you) This girl was named Bailey. Now er... well, to tell you the truth Bailey ended up being a capitol bitch heartbreaker. But before this ugly side of her came out, our group was having a problem. See, Bailey's dad had seen Adam trying to hug Bailey, didn't even know they were going out yet, and immediately would not let him near her. For some reason the guy hated him. Now that would be all well and dandy except for the fact that the group of us, (Adam, Bailey, Andrew, Jade, Isaiah and I) had decided to go to the hypnotist show... where Bailey's parents were too. So low and behold we decided that Adam needed to have a fake girlfriend for the night while in the presence of her parents....

Wanna take a guess who got drafted for the job?


Yep, my first boyfriend was my fake boyfriend first....

So we were playing the part of the couple canoodling in the corner and whatever and I was thinking Adam was REALLY selling it. I mean, i didn't think the amount of cuddling was necessary but he was doing it anyways. Well, I already liked the guy and it was just acting so I thought "What the hell, might as well" So I went all out too.

We got back to the club and Bailey was jealous. And mad. Very mad. Not at me, but at Adam. Now, honestly, IT WAS HER IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE! I mean... was it really necessary? All they had to do was NOT sit together. And in revenge, she started getting all lovely with Andrew during the show to show us up. She knew he was only acting so I'm not sure what her problem was.

Anways, they got back together... sorta. At the end of the day though we were joking about "Bandrew" and the other ways that she was being a player. Safe to say by the end of night they were over even if she didn't know it yet...

So the night ended with a stroll to the front of the cruise ship where Adam and I shared a romantic kiss underneath the stars that night.

I did feel guilty about how it happened but not very much after how she blew up afterwords. She kissed a guy... then went across the room and kissed a girl who actually had feeling for her... while they were both in the same room and watching... and asked Andrew to be her fake bae to make Adam jealous............

These are the moment in life where I go... "Wth?"

Well, after we parted from the cruise ship our relationship continued via text for two months. We shared a few phone calls but he has anxiety over the phone so I understood. However, also near his birthday, we were emailing when he admits THERE IS A BOMB THREAT AT HIS SCHOOL!!! I almost had a heart attack. Welcoming a distraction, I sent him a story I had written for his birthday along with a picture I had drawn to go with it. We found out we had alot in common. In almost every  restaurant I could name we would get the exact same thing with only one difference. It was pretty cool.

In the end, he couldn't get over his life long crush on his best friend and we broke up. I will admit I cried my heart out but after a day of moping around, I felt better and was able to come to terms with it.

My only wish now is that he'll finally go after her and they will be happy together! :D

So, that's the basics for now. I could go in tons of detail but eh. Whateves. I'm over it and dwelling on it won't change anything. Plus, those insignificant details don't make a difference either.

Bye for now, write on!

Your fav. Blogger,

ps: Jennifer (another girl in my class) and Keaton and thoroughly convinced I need cheering up and are proceeding to make my cheeks smile, lay on me, and draw on my hands. No, I don't have an explanation for their craziness either. I'll tell you when I find one.

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